Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric -- Mexico appetite for drugs fueling street wars and kidnappings...



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"If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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The world's smallest winged insect, the Tanzanian parasitic wasp, is smaller than the eye of a housefly.

Tonight On The CBS Evening News

Here's an early look at what we are working on for tonight's broadcast of The CBS Evening News from Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric:  

 Hi everyone,

The Fed made a bold move to jump-start the economy today, cutting a key interest rate by ¾ of a point to its lowest level ever: between zero and .25 percent. The move is aimed at freeing up money for house-hunters or those looking to refinance their mortgages to a more affordable level. The Fed pledged to use "all available tools" to fight the recession. Anthony Mason will begin our coverage.

Meanwhile, banks are using their own tactics to stay healthy - but it could wreak havoc on your wallet if you're a credit-card user. Mark Strassmann explains a practice called "balance chasing," which could mean higher interest rates or lower credit limits for card users.

In health news: The colonoscopy has for decades been the gold standard for screening for colorectal cancer. But now, dramatic results of a new study suggest colonoscopies sometimes miss cancer. Instead of detecting 90 percent of cancer cases, the real number could be closer to 60 or 70 percent. Dr. Jon LaPook breaks down what these results might mean.

Next: Crossing the border into a country in crisis. In the throes of a savage drug war waged by brutal cartels, Mexico is now one of the most dangerous places on earth, with more killings a year than in the entire Iraq war. As Bill Whitaker reports, the United States' appetite for drugs is fueling street wars, kidnappings and even beheadings.

After that eye-opening story, I'll have a roundup of the biggest foreign news of the day in my International Notebook.

Finally: In this tough economy, Hollywood has taken some hits - but has also continued making massive box office hits. Will Tinsel Town continue to shine through the holidays, despite the recession? Sandra Hughes shows us the picture.

See you tonight!

Fed Slashes Interest Rates To All-Time Low
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Reports Paint Grim U.S. Economic Picture
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Tonight On David Letterman

Join Dave tonight with Actor Tom Cruise… Plus musical guests Fall-Out Boy!

Wednesday Morning On The Early Show

GIFT OF LIFE - Each year more than 10,000 people need bone marrow transplants to save their lives. And if a member of their family is not a match, then those patients' future literally depends on the kindness of strangers, selfless people willing to donate marrow to anyone who needs it. That is exactly what happened to a small boy. Early show correspondent, Debbye Turner Bell will share this inspirational story.

NEW RESULTS: SMALL CAR CRASH TESTS - In these tough economic times -- many car buyers are looking at smaller vehicles as a way to save money. They may be good for your pocketbook -- but do they hold up when it comes to safety? The insurance institute for highway safety is out with its latest round of testing, consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen will bring us the results.

THE BEST AND WORST OF 2008 - 2008 has been quite the year for celebrities and newsmakers- joining us now to go over some of the highlights is Peter Castro, People magazine's Deputy Managing Editor.

OBAMA STYLE - Since Obama has become the president elect - the public's interest in him seems to have only grown - some would say the public somewhat worships him. His clothes, looks and general personality seem to take a lot of the focus - people just thinks he is "cool". We set out to ask the experts, the style editor at GQ magazine and also the Senior Editor of Marie Claire to tell us just how "cool" they thought he is.

THE PERFECT GIFT: ECO-FRIENDLY GIFTS - In our continuing series, The perfect gift, today we are looking at gifts that are good for both us and the environment. Joining us will be Green Lifestyle expert Sara Snow.

INTERNATIONAL COOKING: RUSSIAN! - On The Early Show this week we have been trying out holiday cuisines that span the globe. We tasted a little French on Monday, some Spanish on Tuesday, and today we are jetting over to Russia. And when you are looking for good Russian in New York, the Russian Tea Room is a veritable institution. So we have Marc Taxiera the executive chef from the Tea Room to show us the best of the best.


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