Sunday, December 14, 2008

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McCain Sticks Up for Obama on Blagojevich

On ABC's "This Week," the former presidential candidate shoots down the RNC's efforts to tie Obama to the Illinois Governor, says he's confident any info on their relationship will come to light. "I think that the Obama campaign should and will give all information necessary. You know, in all due respect to the Republican National Committee [...]

One Last Trip

President Bush makes a surprise arrival in Iraq Sunday for a final visit with the troops he sent. The visit is aimed at celebrating a new security pact between D.C. and Baghdad. He'll meet with top U.S. officials there and Iraqi leaders. It's his fourth visit to the war zone.      


This Week: McCain. Roundtable with Gwen Ifill, Paul Krugman, Gerald Seib, George Will Fox News Sunday: Sens. Levin, Shelby Meet the Press: Illinois AG Lisa Madigan, Gov. Granholm, Romney Face the Nation: Sens. Brown, Levin and Corker Late Edition: Sens. Ensign, Casey,  former Clinton economic adviser Sperling      

A Quiet Sunday for Obama, Biden

The president-elect spends the day in Chicago while the VP-elect is in Wilmington, Delaware. No public events are scheduled.      

White House: No Immediate Deal on Auto Loans

Bush officials suggest automakers shouldn't expect an announcement Sunday or Monday from the White House on a possible plan to prevent the industry's collapse.      

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The Trouble in Afghanistan

Sarah Chayes, who walks the walk--she lives in a Kandahar cooperative--talks the talk about what's wrong with Afghanistan in today's Washington Post. Her details of daily life in Kandahar are telling, and so is her conclusion: What I've witnessed in Kandahar since late 2002 has amounted to an invasion by proxy, with the Pakistani military once again using [...]

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