Monday, October 27, 2008

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October 27, 2008 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
FBI: Body Found Apparently Hudson's Nephew
7-Year-Old Boy Found In SUV 3 Days After Singer's Mother, Brother Were Shot To Death

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Hallway Beds Ease ER Overcrowding
Hospitals Say "Boarding" Patients In Halls Speeds Treatment, But Some Say Practice Is Deadly

 Study: AIDS Treatment Should Start Sooner
 Diagnosing The Health Care Debate
 Why The French Can Afford To Get Sick

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Bush's Unexpected Bright Spot
National Review Online: The Middle East Strategic Landscape Has Never Been This Favorable

 Oliver Stone's "W." Backfires
 The Endurance Race To The White House
 Is The W! ord "Sale" In Your Repertoire?

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Candidates' Closing Arguments (1:32)

Disturbing Find In Hudson Case (1:18)

Markets Fear World Recession (1:32)

Celebs Show Support For Hudson (0:40)

Credit Default Swaps (12:26)

Rock Paper Scissors Champion (3:18)
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Photos Of The Day

Hudson Family Tragedy

Congo Chaos

2008 Rome Film Festival

Celebrity Circuit

2008 World Series: Game 4
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Divided Government? Depends Partly On The Partisan Picture
Views On Divided Government May Depend On Political Conditions Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: MP3 Players
Is The Proliferation Of iPods - Is It Music To Your Ears Or Potentially Harmful? Read More
McCain Continues "Spread The Wealth" Critique of Obama
Campaigning in Ohio Read More
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1. The Bet That Blew Up Wall Street
2. FBI: Body Found Apparently Hudson's Nephew
3. Palin's Consignment Shop's Owner Speaks
4. Pickens: My Energy Plan Is The "Only Plan"
5. Boy Accidentally Kills Himself With Uzi
1. Man On A Mission (12:47)
2. Credit Default Swaps (12:26)
3. 60 Minutes Online, 10.26.08 (42:26)
4. Jennifer Hudson Faces Tragedy (2:32)
5. Saving A Global Treasure (12:49)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Hudson Family Tragedy
3. Jennifer Hudson
4. Photos Of The Day
5. The Stork Club

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