Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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October 29, 2008 | Evening Edition
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Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate By Half-Point
In Effort To Thwart Recession, Central Bank Slashes Federal Funds Rate To 1 Percent

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Campaigns Ratchet Up The Rhetoric
Obama Sharpens His Tone Against McCain As The Republican Hammers Away On Oil Drilling, Taxes

 Obama Infomercial: Smart Or Overkill?
 How Obama And McCain Differ On Medicare
 Palin Target Of New Ethics Complaint

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"Smart" Appliances Could Aid Power Grid
Manufacturers Such As GE Are Testing Products That Would Communicate With Electric Cos. To Run Off Peak Hours

 Red Really Is The Color Of Romance
 Rep. Wants Yahoo-Google Ad Deal Probed
 MTV Launches New Music Video Hub

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Early Voting At Record Levels (5:54)

Queen Of Soul Wants 'Respect' (3:44)

Harassment In The Military (1:46)

The Online Getting To Know You (3:33)

VA Hospital For Military Dogs (4:05)

Wall Street Soars For A Day (1:49)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Queen Visits Slovakia, Slovenia

Carousel of Hope

"Dancing With The Stars" Results

A Benefit & Tribute
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Bill And Hillary Jump In
Former President, Former Obama Oppenent Ask Supporters To Pitch In Read More
Where They Stand: A Political "Third Rail"
Nancy Cordes Previews Her Look At The Candidates' Proposals To Nurse Medicare Back To Health Read More
McCain: Obama Does Not Have What It Takes to Protect America
Campaigning in Fla. Read More
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1. Palin Target Of New Ethics Complaint
2. "Skinheads" Reveal All On Web
3. Are The Polls Right?
4. Slain Anchorwoman's Gift To Others
5. Anti-Obama DVD Released In 5 Newspapers
1. Credit Default Swaps (12:26)
2. Obama Reacts To Death Threat (0:37)
3. Man On A Mission (12:47)
4. Evening News Online, 10.28.08 (20:59)
5. Harassment In The Military (1:46)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Murder In Italy
3. A Benefit & Tribute
4. Photos Of The Day
5. Carousel of Hope

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