Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Health: Hospitals ease ER crowding with ward beds in halls

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cover Hospitals ease ER crowding with ward beds in halls

Have you or your loved ones experienced a shortage of ER beds? A study found that no harm was caused by moving emergency room patients to upper-floor hallways when they were ready for admission.

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What to do when you disagree with a teacher's discipline?
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success-weight Vaccination law not enforced for many kids

Even though the vaccination law is a cornerstone in the protection of public health, some school principals ignore it and some health department officials do little to enforce it.

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fit-to-eat For Brett Duffy, soccer's constant movement an antidote to desk job

When 35-year-old Brett Duffy recently went from Realtor to the managing broker in his Coldwell Banker office, he realized that meant less exercise.

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Fit To Eat

fitness Let kids enjoy Halloween - without the guilt

Halloween - a child's dream and parent's nightmare. If you fret over the sugary treats your child will be bringing home Friday night, let's dispel some myths about sugar.

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