Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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One week out from Election Day and the Keystone State is priority number one for both John McCain and Barack Obama. Both campaigns are holding rallies in Pennsylvania today, persevering through wicked downpours and even a smattering of snow. But why is Obama campaigning so hard when he's ahead in the polls … in what’s traditionally a blue state? Dean Reynolds has that story and Chip Reid takes a close look at the fight Senator McCain is putting up there.


Later in our broadcast, we'll take a closer look at Pennsylvania's unlikely new status as a battleground. Both campaigns seem to see the state's 21 electoral votes as essential – and Jeff Glor explains what it will take to win them.


Continuing our special series, "Where They Stand," we'll look at what Barack Obama and John McCain propose to do with Medicare. The candidates each have a plan to heal this ailing program – and our Nancy Cordes crunches the numbers to see how they would affect you and your community.


Also in our broadcast tonight, we'll look at the new consumer confidence rating, now at its lowest level since it began being monitored four decades ago. We’ll have that — and the latest news on the stock market and the housing downturn.


Finally tonight: Throughout the wild roller-coaster ride that's taken Wall Street's stocks up, down and sideways over the past few weeks, there's one man who can really, truly, with a straight face say "been there; done that." He's been working the markets for nearly three quarters of a century – and as Anthony Mason reports, he’s got a hot tip for investors.


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