Wednesday, December 3, 2008

VOA Africa News Summary - News from Voice of America

Here are today's top stories from VOA Africa.

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DRC Refugees Flock Into Uganda  Audio Clip Available
Fighting in DRC leads to thousands of refugees

A Congolese soldier forces people out of a minibus at a checkpoint north of Goma,  (file photo) DRC Civilians Moving to Safer Sites
UNHCR fears thousands of refugees could get caught in crossfire if fighting resumes

People walk past razed cars after two days of ethnic and religions rioting in Jos, 01 Dec 2008 Nigerian Army Says Order Restored in Stricken City  Audio Clip Available
Curfew to be relaxed further, but most residents still apprehensive after bloody clashes between rival Christians and Muslims

A Canadian Navy warship Ville de Quebec, foreground, secures safe sailing as they escort a World Food Programme ship on off the coast of Somalia (File) UN Security Council Extends Anti-Piracy Measures Off Somali Coast  Audio Clip Available
US-drafted resolution authorizes states to take all necessary means - including force - to combat piracy

Ethiopians unload coffee at the coffee board in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2 Feb. 2008 Africa's Largest Coffee Producer Revamps Trading System  Audio Clip Available
Ethiopia abandoning traditional auction system, transferring all trading to a recently-opened national commodity exchange; changeover marks a revolution in marketing procedures

Cholera patients wait for treatment at Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare, 26 Nov 2008 WHO Acts on Emergency Cholera Plan for Zimbabwe  Audio Clip Available
WHO sends emergency team of international experts to Zimbabwe to try to contain cholera epidemic

Mohammed Sylla sells natural remedies West African Healers Association Bands Together, On Guard Against Charlatans  Audio Clip Available
In Fatick, a small city in central Senegal, one group has taken on job of organizing and policing traditional healers

Mohamed Ibn Chambas (file photo) West African Foreign Ministers Discussed Regional Security Issues  Audio Clip Available
ECOWAS executive secretary Mohamed Ibn Chambas says the ministers were optimistic that elections could be held in Ivory Coast by the first half of 2009

Police officer falls from pickup truck while trying to disperse doctors and nurses demonstrating in Harare, 03 Nov 2008 Zimbabwe Police Turn Back Protesters
Riot police break up two separate protests in Harare over dismal state of public health, economy

Hillary Clinton listens as President-elect Barack Obama introduces her as his choice for secretary of state during a press conference in Chicago, 01 Dec 2008 Clinton Asked to Take Quick Action on Darfur As Secretary of State  Audio Clip Available
Clinton Asked to Take Quick Action on Darfur As Secretary of State

Ghanaians Enthusiastic About   Sunday Poll  Audio Clip Available
Ghana presidential election on Sunday

Nigeria 34 Nigerian Children Dead From Tainted Medicine
Nine more children have died in addition to 25 reported last week after being given poisoned teething medicine sold under name 'My Pikin'

Sudan Rights Groups: Sudan Lying About Improvements in Darfur
Human Rights Watch, Save Darfur Coalition and 13 other rights organizations say government continues to conduct large-scale military attacks against populated areas

A child walks barefoot past rain water and sewage near Harare, Zimbabwe, 25 Nov 2008 Zimbabwe Relief Agencies Ramp Up Efforts to Combat Cholera  Audio Clip Available
United Nations Children's Fund will launch four-month emergency response to epidemic in country troubled by health and political challenges

[insert caption here] Clean Water and Sanitation Priorities for Congolese Displaced  Audio Clip Available
International Rescue Committee says insecurity often delays access to those in need

Rwandan singer, Simon Bikindi, at the beginning of his trial before the U.N. court in Arusha, Tanzania (File) Rwandan Singer Given 15 Years for Inciting Killings
Simon Bikindi is convicted of 'direct and public incitement to commit genocide' based on a speech in which Bikindi called on Hutus to exterminate Tutsis

Ghana's Experiences at Democracy Since Independence  Audio Clip Available
Electoral process more stable now

Ghana's Electoral Commission Works to Make Upcoming Polls Transparent  Audio Clip Available
Safeguards include a code of ethics and preliminary counting at the polling stations.

Ghanaian Voters Consider Issues in Advance of Election.  Audio Clip Available
Thinking about cost of living, education, sanitation and oil revenues.

Ghanaian Media Work to Ensure Fair Coverage of National Elections  Audio Clip Available
The Ghana Journalist Association issues a code of ethics encouraging balance, accurate reporting.

Ghanaians Hopeful for Free and Fair Elections     Audio Clip Available
Some look to US elections as guidepost

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