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New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Latest News on the BBC One Show Christmas Single

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 09:02 AM CST

More behind the scenes information from the guys behind BBC’s The One Show Christmas single attempt

The latest information from Kenton, one of the writers of Let’s Not Fight This Christmas, as we announced yesterday, from behind the scenes, tomorrow is the big reveal..

“Well, it’s Thursday, December 4th… a day away from the grand unveiling of “Let’s Not Fight This Christmas” on The One Show. The song sounds shiny, and the video’s ready to roll. Frankly, the anticipation is killing me. It’s strange, wandering the internet and reading about a song you co-wrote before it’s even been heard by the public at large.

“Every night on The One Show, presenter Des Coleman has been appearing in a series of short films about a) Christmas songs past and b) our little single of the very near future. Tonight, we have the last installment before the big reveal. In my house, the wait has reached fever pitch. It’s very gratifying to be a part of something that’s being launched on such a scale, particularly when you’re proud of the end result.
“I think a lot of people are assuming that it’s going to be some sort of novelty number, which I can assure you is not the case. I hope we have pulled off the trick of writing a very, very Christmassy song - with a big ol’ round the nog glass chorus - that still does what all of us individually try to accomplish as songwriters - make you feel, make you think. You’ll have to judge for yourselves tomorrow.
“I’m afraid I don’t have a new picture for you today, unless you want one of a Canadian songwriter biting his nails in front of the telly, but over the few days and weeks, I shall be out and about, promoting and speaking to some very lovely people about songs Christmas and otherwise, so watch this space. It’s all about to kick off.
“Keep an ear out on Danny Baker’s BBC London (Today at 4 pm) and Radio 2 (with Zoe Ball, Saturday at 11 am) shows as well, for guest appearances from Chris Difford and who knows, perhaps a certain song.
“See you tomorrow, when the curtain finally rises…”

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Papers Please – Now Government Wants Power to Demand to See ID on the Streets

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 05:37 AM CST

Police in the UK are set to be given powers previously only used in times of war and demand proof of a person's identity at any time. If you fail to provide identification you will be arrested and face a possible prison sentence under new rules unveiled in the Queen's speech.

Civil rights group, Liberty say that the legislation is designed to bring in ID cards through the back door.

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said: ‘ Sneaking in compulsory identity cards via the back door of immigration law is a cynical escalation of this expensive and intrusive scheme.’

A spokesperson for Liberty added: ‘Powers to examine identity documents, previously thought to apply only at ports of entry, will be extended to criminalise anyone in Britain who has ever left the country and fails to produce identity papers upon demand.

‘We believe that the catch-all remit of this power is disproportionate and that its enactment would not only damage community relations but represent a fundamental shift in the relationship between the State and those present in the UK.’

Failure to present identification could lead to a £5,000 fine with a maximum penalty of 51 weeks in jail.

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Nigella, Launches Christmas Cookbook, Prefers Chips!

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 03:20 AM CST

Nigella Lawson, the original domestic goddess has revealed her ideal Christmas lunch..

Hot off the launch of a new cookbook, entitled “Nigella Christmas”, Nigella Lawson has told the Radio Times she’d rather have pizza for Christmas: “If you want to put up fairy lights everywhere and then get pizza delivered, that’s absolutely OK by me.

“I’d never say no to chips and curry sauce  -  I have very low tastes. Just that, a nice drink and some nice friends and I’d be happy.” - Some tips to lose weight over Christmas may help if this is her diet..

Not quite the way the book was sold Miss Lawson..And then we hear the ‘New’ TV program to accompany the book has two repeats from 2006 out of the five show series..

The book features a recipe for Maple roast parsnips and turkey, Asda has just reported a 26 per cent increase in sales..

We are looking forward to the Nigella pizza range..If you are creating a real Christmas lunch, we recently showed how to do it on a budget..

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BBC’s Moyles Suggests Polish Make Good Prostitutes

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 02:22 AM CST

Just days after vowing to clean up it’s act, the BBC, thanks to Chris Moyles has another problem..

BBC Radio 1 DJ, Chris Moyles has suggested live on his flagship Breakfast show that Poles make good prostitutes, he stated “If you're Polish you're just very good at ironing…in my experience prostitutes make very good cleaners.”

Poles in the UK have started a petition to get Moyles to apologise.

The BBC will be determined to fix this issue quickly and not let it drag on like the Sachsgate scandal that led to Russell Brand quitting and Jonathan Ross being suspended.

This is not Moyles’ first incident, ‘Auntie’ was once issued a warning by Ofcom after the DJ called women “dirty whores”.

Late last night the BBC spokesman said the following

“Chris was poking fun at ridiculous and unfair stereotypes, and making a nonsense of generalisations based on nationality.

At no point did he say that Polish people were involved in prostitution – he separately joked that prostitutes were good at fixing cars and ironing”.

Oh…that’s alright then..

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Simon’s out, “Van Day Touched My Buttons”

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 01:53 AM CST

Simon Webbe was the eighth person voted out of I’m a Celeb last night and immediately turns on David Van Day

Simon Webbe, singer with former boy-band, Blue, was last night voted out of the jungle in a head-to-head with original Star Trek actor, George Takei.  David Van Day was again not in the bottom two and grows as a favourite daily, especially with his continued crazy antics.

Immediately on departure, Webbe, 29, laid into Van Day:

“I didn't see that David was honest.

"He touched my buttons after he came in. He annoyed me when he said he could have topped himself after spending a night in the cave.

"I've lost friends that way — so it upset me."

He continued “I think he’s a nice guy underneath it all. He’s here to play the game. I thought reality TV was about being real…He’s a great character. I watched him playing tennis with himself yesterday.”

No doubt Simon will be launching a song shortly, probably not enough time to get in a Christmas single but something tells us Eurovision could be on the cards..

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Sea Eagles Accused of Slaughtering Lambs

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 01:00 AM CST

Scientists will investigate farmer’s claims that sea eagles have killed hundreds of lambs in Scotland.

The raptors have recently been reintroduced in the east of Scotland after going extinct in Britain at the beginning of last century.

Farmers are claiming that sea eagles have been taking livestock. In Gairloch, Wester Ross, farmer’s complained that the eagles have taken 200 lambs.

Michael Russell, the Scottish environment minister,said: “What we have here is two areas of conflicting interest. On one hand there are our crofters who have been an important part of Scotland’s rural history for centuries and to whom livestock is highly valuable.

“One the other, is Scotland’s natural heritage, to which the sea eagle has recently been returned after a long absence as one of this country’s most beautiful birds.

“I hope that this project will get to bottom of the issue and find a solution that can balance both interests.”

The new research project by Scottish Natural Heritage will once and for all clarify whether sea eagles are taking the lambs.

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Quality betting…not quantity

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 01:52 PM CST

It's an afternoon of jump racing on Thursday and I'll be having just the lone risqué each-way punt on Santarctique (2.20) at Wincanton.

The theory behind this lightly raced four-year-old is straightforward as he’s had three runs over hurdles in order to qualify for a handicap mark and may show a better performance this afternoon.

He caught the eye making late gains at Taunton last month and further confidence would come if there was significant market support.

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Let’s Not Fight This Christmas

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 10:06 AM CST

“Let’s not fight this Christmas” is a song The DailyDust are supporting and backing to be number one this Christmas
A few days ago, we were contacted at the DailyDust by Kenton Hall.  Kenton was introduced, 18 months ago, to song-writing legend, Chris Difford from Squeeze.  Together, with Kevin Malpass and Tom Houston they wrote the song “Let’s not fight this Christmas”.

The One Show (Daily on BBC1 - 7pm) have become associated with this song, and are showing snippets daily this week, leading up to the video and song being played for the first time on Friday night.

The news of Christine Bleakley and John Sergeant’s (both recently hitting the headlines after appearing on Strictly Come Dancing) involvement with the single has alerted various bookmakers who are now offering good odds on the song making Christmas Number One.

All proceeds are going to Children in Need, with the single only sold online.

Kenton is going to be writing regular updates on The DailyDust:  “I will be back to give daily updates on the progress of the song right here on The DailyDust

“I will be detailing my adventures in Chart-land, competing against the likes of the X-Factor and Terry Wogan (as recently covered in The DailyDust)

It’s all very odd, but it’s been a blast so far.”

Below is an exclusive behind the scenes image of the first ever performance of the track:

Keep coming back for daily updates. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments.

The song already has it’s own Facebook page which we urge you to join.

Let’s see if we can help “CHRIS DIFFORD AND THE DECORATIONS” get to Number 1 this Christmas.

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