Thursday, December 4, 2008

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December 4, 2008 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
The $34B Apology
Auto Execs Acknowledge Mistakes As They Ask Congress To Bail Them Out

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Lawyer: Pierce Didn't Know Burress Had Gun
Teammate Said To Have Been Unaware That Giants Star Was Carrying A Firearm Before It Accidentally Discharged

 Drugs Not A Factor In Fatal LA Train Crash
 2 Girls Charged In Nursing Home Harassment
 GM Workers Face Bleak Future

World  » More World
Europe Court Nixes U.K. DNA Database
European Court of Human Rights' Strikes Down British Law Allowing Cops To Collect DNA Of Innocent Citizens

 Israeli Forces Confront Jewish Settlers
 U.S. Wants Pakistan Crackdown On Militants
 It's Official: U.S. Timetable In Iraq OK'd

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Bush To Ease "Mountaintop Mining" Rule
Environmental Groups Furious At "Gift" To Coal Mining Industry In Waning Days Of Bush Administration

 In Lean Times, IBM Looks Beyond Microsoft
 Whales, Dolphins Stranded In Noisy Seas
 Hawaii Drive-Oh! Electric Cars Get Boost

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No New Deal For Big Three
National Review: Bankruptcy, Properly Approached, Is The Best Option For U.S. Automakers

 Fix The Voting System Now
 It's UAW Concession Time
 Can Obama Hold On To Chan! ge?

Top Videos  » More Videos

Auto Bailout Looks Like A Bust (2:26)

Helping Wounded Warriors (3:33)

Jonas Bros. First Grammy Nod (4:53)

Pa. Gov. Puts Foot In Mouth (4:29)

Mortgage Rates Take Tumble (2:26)

Hispanics Look To Obama (5:07)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Settler Scuffle

Parliament Pageantry

2008 Gotham Film Awards

World AIDS Day 2008
Latest Blog Posts  » More Blogs
The Finish Line
The Horserace Is Over Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Bottled Water
With Plastic Bottles Creating An Estimated 1.5 Million Tons Of Waste, Why Not Use The Simple Alternative, The Tap? Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
It's over Read More
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1. Big Three Spending Millions On Lobbying
2. The $34B Apology
3. Pizzeria Mistakenly Butchers Deer Near Customer
4. Chris Matthews Inches Closer To Senate Run
5. Bush To Ease "Mountaintop Mining" Rule
1. Poker Face (12:53)
2. Evening News Online, 12.03.08 (21:18)
3. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
4. Store Worker Trampled, Dies (1:55)
5. An Uneven Race (1:00)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Photos Of The Day
3. Parliament Pageantry
4. Settler Scuffle
5. Rockefeller Center Sparkles

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