Thursday, December 4, 2008

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December 4, 2008 | Morning Edition
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U.S. Wants Pakistan Crackdown On Militants
Secretary Of State Rice Demands "Concrete Steps" From Islamabad In Mumbai Attack Probe

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Obama Reserves Judgment On Auto Bailout
Says Automakers Came Back With "More Serious Set Of Plans;" Also Formally Named Richardson As Commerce Secretary Pick

 Obama Makes Good On Diversity Pledge
 Alabama County's New Holiday: "Obama Day"
 Obama Transition Teams Create Anxiety

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How To Steer Clear Of Medical Traps Online
CBS Evening News: As More Patients Turn To The Internet For A Second Opinion, How Do You Know What's Bogus?

 As Wars Drag On, Military Divorces Go Up
 Top 11 Reasons For Fast Food's Popularity
 Asthma Inhalers Set To Go Green

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Bush To Ease "Mountaintop Mining" Rule
Environmental Groups Furious At "Gift" To Coal Mining Industry In Waning Days Of Bush Administration

 Whales, Dolphins Stranded In Noisy Seas
 Hawaii Drive-Oh! Electric Cars Get Boost
 Cyber Monday Spending Up 15 Percent

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It's UAW Concession Time
National Review Online: The Autoworkers Union Must Give Up Its Demand For Job Security

 Can Obama Hold On To Change?
 Why Arizona Flipped On Gay Marriage
 Why Won't Sout! h Dakota Ban Abortion?

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Auto Union Offers Concessions (2:49)

Origins Of Mumbai Attacks (1:49)

Big Three's D.C. Connection (2:13)

Giving Up College Dreams (1:52)

Markets Get Much Needed Lift (1:42)

Using A P.C. Instead Of M.D. (3:08)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Parliament Pageantry

Dispute On The West Bank

World AIDS Day 2008

Mumbai Mourns
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The Finish Line
The Horserace Is Over Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Bottled Water
With Plastic Bottles Creating An Estimated 1.5 Million Tons Of Waste, Why Not Use The Simple Alternative, The Tap? Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
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2. Let Home Prices Fall
4. Bush To Ease "Mountaintop Mining" Rule
5. Report: India Warned Of Airborne Attacks
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1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Parliament Pageantry
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4. Splits
5. A Family Photo Album

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