Thursday, December 4, 2008

ABC News Most Popular - Thu., December 4, 2008

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December 4, 2008

Automakers Park Future of Industry at Capitol Hill Hearings
Carmakers try to sell Congress on rescue for troubled US industry that could reach $34 billion More...
Can These Hybrid Cars Really Save Detroit?
Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Are Pegging Their Rebound on New Hybrid Cars
Brutal Terror Group Seeks Power in Somalia
Al Qaeda-Linked Group Employs Brutal Tactics to Gain Power
Airports Under Attack? New Threats in India
Indian airports on high alert; 2 Pakistani militant leaders suspected as Mumbai masterminds
4.5%? Affordable Mortgage Plan in Works
Program to expand purchase of mortgage securities, help lower borrowing costs.
Eyes Stuck Shut and Other Odd Conditions
Despite Researchers' Efforts, These Conditions Remain Clouded in Mystery More...
Soaring Tuition Pushes College Out of Reach
Report Finds Tuition Costs Jump 439 Percent, Outpacing Family Income
Three's a Crowd in Deadly Love Triangle
Stacey Rock Speaks Out About the Love Triangle That Ended in a Murder Conviction
Gym-Rat-in-Chief: Obama's Fitness Regimen
Organic Foods, Workouts and Basketball: All Part of President-Elect's Lifestyle
Can These Hybrid Cars Really Save Detroit?
Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Are Pegging Their Rebound on New Hybrid Cars
Kids Go Crazy for Obama
Philadelphia school children show their support for President-elect Obama. More...
Britney Spears Sings 'Womanizer'
The pop superstar performs her hit single from the new album "Circus."
Kimmel: Palin Kills Rudolph
Jimmy puts a dark twist on a holiday entertainment classic.
Woman Found Being Eaten Alive
A discovery in one Texas home involved maggots and a neglected woman.
Oops! Ed Rendell's Mic Mistake
Pa. governor says Homeland Security pick Janet Napolitano "has no life."
Hollywood's Oddest Odd Couples
Celebrity love matches that make you go hmmmm.... More...
Boy With Heart Outside Chest
A 4-year-old has a rare condition in which his heart protrudes from his body.
Sexy Stars Rock New Hairstyles
Johansson, Kardashian show off new styles.
H'wood's Greatest Gay Moments
Sean Penn brings historical moments to big screen in 'Milk.'
Most Fascinating of 2008
Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Tina Fey top the list of names and newsmakers.
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