Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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As the Big Three automakers struggle for survival, some important moves took place behind the scenes today. Congressional leaders reviewed the survival plans submitted by GM, Ford and Chrysler – and the workers who actually make the cars held their own meeting, offering to try help out their companies.  Dean Reynolds reports on what the United Autoworkers are proposing – and how Congress is reacting to the automakers’ rescue plans.


Also, Mark Strassmann has the tale of two auto plants – and why they’re so different. One is a Hyundai plant in Alabama, the other, a GM plant in Michigan.  And later in our broadcast, Sharyl Attkisson “Follows the Money” from the big automakers … to the halls of Congress.


College costs have skyrocketed in recent years, and a new report says every state but California gets an “F” in making college affordable. (And California only received a “C.”) Kelly Wallace examines whether the cost of college is getting out of reach for Americans.


It's increasingly common for patients to turn to the Internet – not an actual doctor – for a second opinion. How can you avoid bogus – even harmful – health info online? Dr. Jon LaPook has the first in his new series, Second Opinion: Medicine Online.


Do you think your family really knows how to pick out and decorate a beautiful Christmas tree? Well, Sandra Hughes introduces us to a family that takes it to the next level. You might even call them the First Family of Christmas trees.


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