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New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Graham Norton Denies Eurovision Commentary Job

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 08:45 AM CST

Irish star expects Terry Wogan to be back behind the mic in Moscow.

At the end of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Terry Wogan hinted that he would not be returning to the annual three hour live concert that reaches over six hundred million people around the world. Having commentated as long as anyone can remember, and also hosting the contest in Birmingham, the UK’s Voice of Eurovision was dismayed at Dima Bilan’s victory and considered the MTV star’s pole position tainted by politics.

Which set the press alight wondering who would take over. The serious options are quite limited, and here at The Daily Dust would like to see the semi-final commentator of Paddy O’Connell voice the main contest (yes another Irishman!), but the favourite in the media is Graham Norton.

“It’s a really hard gig to take over from Terry because he is genius at it and has made it his own. I think they are changing the voting a bit so I’m sure he’ll be back.” Which isn’t a complete denial, but leaves the door open.

Much as Terry Wogan did at the end of the 2008 Song Contest.

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Facebook and Marmite… Relationship Status: Love or Hate

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 05:28 AM CST

Infamous yeast-based spread reaches out to Facebook users.

Ever wanted to let people just how much you love Marmite? Good, because the perfect avenue to do so has reached the power-house on the internet. Yes, you too can have Marmite all over your profile with this free application!

So how do Marmite see themselves on Facebook?

Have you ever sat at your desk just bursting with Marmite joy? Now you can shout it loud and proud. The Marmite Lovers application lets you replace your normal Facebook profile status updates with a distinctly Marmite-y flavour.

If you fancy a little experimentation in your life, then you can find the application here.

(Hat tip to Neville Hobson, via Twitter).

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One to Watch: The Queen’s Speech

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 04:49 AM CST

All eyes are on The Speaker after last week’s arrest of Tory MP.

It’s on just now, but the debate after The Queen’s Speech (where the Government’s plans for the next year are announced) is going to be one of those days in Parliament. After the arrest last week of Damian Green, and the subsequent search of his Commons office on an alleged fishing expedition by the police, many MP’s want to know just what happened.

The Privilege of Parliament is a long tradition, and in fact was one (of many) reasons that the English Civil War was fought for. If The Speaker (Michael Martin) just let Police walk in last week to go through papers looking for leaked documents that embarrassed the Home Office, then you can see why there is a lot of bad feeling.

It’s likely that nothing will happen while Queen Elizabeth II is in the Palace of Westminster, but the debate in the House of Commons starts at 2.30pm; it could fizzle, or it could be a legendary day in Parliament. Enjoy!

Queen’s Speech Debate, starting at 2.30pm, BBC Parliament. Other news channels are available.

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The Top Ten Famous British People On Twitter

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 04:33 AM CST

Get closer to your favourite celebrities on Twitter.

Twitter ( is an interesting little site. It’s like a global chat room where people are only allowed to write short messages to each other. The key is to not look at everyone posting, but join the service and only ‘follow’ your friends - sort of like having an instant messaging chat with your social circle.

But there are people out there who might be more well known than the cute secretary in finance. The famous are real people as well, with lives full of the stuff you and I do. And some of them are on Twitter as well. So here’s The Daily Dust’s guide to the top UK celebs on Twitter.

UPDATE : Labour MP @tom_watson just messaged on twitter - “Just been chatting to tony benn. Says he’s never heard of twitter!”

UPDATE 2: @richardbranson as per comments is confirmed see this blog post on his 2000th twitter follower.

John Cleese (@johncleese)

One of the comedy brains behind Monty Python, now living in the US and popping back to Blighty for the delightfully tacky “Batteries Not Included” gadget show on Dave.

Tony Benn (@tonybenn)

One of a number of MP’s genuinely (see UPDATE above) on Twitter (as opposed to the Downing Street Press Office passing on the words of Gordon Brown), Benn has been spending time exploring and talking to people as he discovers the people on Twitter.

Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147)

Technology correspondant for the BBC (and writes on the dot.Life blog), Cellan-Jones has used Twitter to source stories, discuss important issues of the day and lets people see some of the fun that is working for the BBC.

The Northern Line (@tubenorthern)

Twitter is the sort of site you can look at from your mobile phone, and having London Underground’s Northern Line tell you when there are delays is a very good use for Twitter. Tom Morris has set up an automatic account for each of the lines, so add in your trip home now!

Robert Llewelyn (@bobbyllew)

Star of Red Dwarf, now involved in TV production and writing, and various appearances on Harry Hill’s TV Burp for his ‘How Do They Do That’ documentaries.

Jonathan Ross (@wossy)

There’s no actual way you can know who you are watching on Twitter is who they say they are (such as Britney Spears actually being her press office team, not the miming pop starlet), but in his down time for the BBC, the tarnished comedy god of Jonathan Ross is taking tentative steps.

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (@foreignoffice)

Twittering about events involving the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, this is a good example of Twitter being used for more than “Did you watch Top Gear last night?” moments. If people ask what else twitter can be used for, point them here.

Andy Murray (@andy_murray)

Scottish Tennis star (until he wins Wimbledon, then he’ll be British, just like his brother got converted after the Mixed Doubles victory…) Murray’s messages are disarmingly honest and genuine. Lots of talk about training, diets, and the occasional touch of travel to another court. This is how Twitter should be used.

Stephen Fry (@stephenfry)

And then there is Mr Fry, the current holder of ‘Britain’s National Treasure,’ and a man who is eloquent, well spoken, and hooked into the internet to an amazing depth. His recent filming in Africa saw him Twittering his adventures, and of course we called him out on Children in Need’s QI program, given he told us he was in Africa. (”Damm you, I admit it, the QI spesh was pre recorded in June. Happy now? x“).

The Daily Dust (@thedailydust)

And then there’s the UK’s funniest Ten Minute Tabloid, online! never miss a headline again, because when we post the news, the news is posted to Twitter and you can come running!

So who have we missed? Have you got the scoop on someone on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.

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No More Silicon Left In The Jungle

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 02:46 AM CST

Nicola McLean was last night voted out of the jungle by the public, leaving a certain David Van Day as favourite

After leaving and talking with Ant and Dec, silicon enhanced Nicola told the boys “It's a real shame if David wins, I'll be so so upset…

"Sometimes people think I'm too harsh but I could have said a lot more — I held back.

"He's worked his magic and he's desperate to be famous which is rubbish. I didn't know who he was. I know no one knew who I was but at least I've got big boobs haven't I?"

She sure has, not at lot else it seems..

David has moved up the ladder and is now a favourite as the UK public continues its run of creating weird results in reality TV, look at the whole X factor Laura eviction this even went to the house of commons and then we had the Strictly Come Dancing voting that infuriated the judges, leading John Sergeant to sensationally quit the show.

Will the public crown David the King..we think they might just.

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Turner winner attacks ‘Young British Artists’

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 01:00 AM CST

Mark Leckey, the Turner Prize winner, has attacked the Young British Artists (YBAs) who created the boom in British art.

Leckey has criticised YBAs for it’s shock factor and interpretation of art. He said: "I kind of hate the relationship the press in Britain has towards art. I hate the way it's all Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin and Banksy. They expect spectacle and shock. Art is not like that. The art world I know is not like that; it's a whole other world.”

Leckey welcomed an end to the boom. He added: "A lot of bad artists have made a lot of money".

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The CCTV Camera that Can “Predict Crime”

Posted: 03 Dec 2008 12:06 AM CST

In yet another blow to civil liberties in the UK, new CCTV cameras that can "predict" crime are set to be introduced to Britain next year.

The cameras alert public servants our ruling overlords to heinous crimes, such as, "walking slowly".

Computers will be programmed to analyse movements of car and people and send out an alarm to a camera operator if it deems the movements of people "unusual".

Civil rights campaign group Liberty was sceptical of how effective the cameras would actually be. A spokesman said: ‘Bringing expensive Hollywood sci-fi to our car parks will never be as effective as having police on the street leading the fight against crime.’

Here at the Daily Dust we've been previously reported on MPs being sent Orwell's 1984 book and the proposed plan to need a passport in order to buy a mobile phone. Looks like this latest CCTV introduction will mean we are a step closer to the Panopitcon.

Image credit: PetrosD

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Cristiano Ronaldo unsurprisingly claims Ballon d’Or

Posted: 02 Dec 2008 11:35 PM CST

Well, he’s finally as good as he thinks he is. Of the 96 top journalists polled by France Football magazine, 77 voted Ronaldo as their number one player this year. He polled an impressive 446 points from a maximum 480, finishing comfortably ahead of second-placed Messi (281) and third-placed Torres (179).

Cristiano Ronaldo is the third Portuguese and fourth Manchester United player to win the Ballon d’Or trophy.

Not a bad way to make people forget your terribly embarrassing cock-up at the weekend (see above).

(image: Getty images)

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Burnley put a swift end to Arsenal’s revival

Posted: 02 Dec 2008 11:26 PM CST

Arsenal’s form the past few seasons has been patchy even at the best of times. Fantastic football and runs of form has been regularly upset by equally bad runs and an inability to maintain momentum long enough to go the distance in either the league or cups.

And with smiles on their faces from beating Chelsea, the Gunners managed to fall to Burnley and a Kevin McDonald brace. Kids or not, the cup is an integral part of Arsenal’s season as it allows Wenger to blood next year’s stars and to go out now is a huge blow to their confidence.

Elsewhere, another Premier League team fell as Derby knocked off Stoke thanks to a late penalty.

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Lewis Hamilton in Pole Position for Sports Personality

Posted: 02 Dec 2008 09:54 AM CST

Lewis and his Alter Ego
Newly crowned F1 champion on course for BBC Award.

The shortlist for this year’s BBC Sport’s Personality of the Year appears to be a foregone conclusion with the doyen of pretty much every English news outlet, Lewis Hamilton, appearing at the top of the list.

Returning to the list is Joe Calzaghe, winner of the award in 2007 and attempting to be the second two-times winner and emulate that other British boxer, Henry Cooper. Andy Murray is a natural onthe list with his Tennis improving every year, although his on court anger may deflect a lot of the votes to other more pure quarters.

And given the rest of the list is made up of gold medal winners from the Chinese Olympics, I think an each way bet on swimmer Rebecca Adlington is a safer punt than ‘Our Lewis.’

BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2008 Shortlist
Lewis Hamilton
Rebecca Adlington
Nicole Cooke
Chris Hoy
Rebecca Romero
Bradley Wiggins
Ben Ainslie
Christine Ohuruogu
Andy Murray
Joe Calzaghe

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