Friday, December 5, 2008

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December 5, 2008

UBS Parties On in Face of Federal Investigation

Bank Sponsors Exclusive Miami Art Festival Again, Despite Recent Indictment

Despite a federal criminal investigation of its alleged role in helping wealthy Americans hide billions of dollars from the IRS, Swiss bank UBS returned this year as the main sponsor of one of the great gatherings of the super-rich, the Art Basel exhibition in Miami. Click Here for the Full Story.


Companies Rush to Ditch Corporate Jets

Out of Embarrassment or Economics, Once-Coveted Exec Aircraft are Up For Sale Click Here for the Full Story.

GM, Ford Will Sell Corporate Jet Fleet

For CEOs, First Class Will Have To Be Good Enough Click Here for the Full Story.


Mumbai Terrorist Amped Up on Steroids, Amphetamines

Investigators Say the Drugs Were Used to Enhance the Attackers' Performance Click Here for the Full Story.

Mumbai Terrorist Wanted to 'Kill and Die' and Become Famous

Commando Tells Cops He Murdered For Money and Offers to Help Police For Cash Click Here for the Full Story.

Mumbai: Where are the 14 Other Pakistani-Trained Terrorists?

Captured Gunman Says Only 10 of 24 Were Sent to Mumbai; Concern for New Delhi Click Here for the Full Story.

U.S. Warned India in October of Potential Terror Attack

NSA Now Tracking Captured Phones, U.S. Connections Click Here for the Full Story.

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