Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec Issue: Most Popular Webcasts and Videos of 2008

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  December 2008  
Introducing Altera's 40-nm Portfolio     
Introducing Altera's 40-nm Portfolio, 30 minutes
View this webcast to learn how to overcome today's challenges of increasing performance, reducing power consumption, and increasing system bandwidth and integration with Altera's new 40-nm portfolio. You'll also learn how only Altera can provide the benefits of FPGAs AND the benefits of ASICs.

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Minimize SSN and Jitter Using Advanced Transceiver Technology

Minimize SSN and Jitter Using Advanced Transceiver Technology,
30 minutes
As data rates and the number of transceiver channels in advanced FPGAs increase, it's important that the FPGA is designed to properly isolate analog and digital sources. This webcast presents available architectural advantages and describes how those advantages minimize the effects of simultaneous switching noise (SSN) and jitter.
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New Gen2 PCI Express Hard IP for 40-nm Devices

New Gen2 PCI Express Hard IP for 40-nm Devices, 15 minutes
Learn about flexible standard products which target packet transport applications, built with Altera® FPGAs and TPACK's Carrier Ethernet technology. You'll see how new 40-nm FPGAs enable Carrier Ethernet solutions at 40 Gbps, and about a new universal line card.

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Interfacing 1,067-Mbps DDR3 Memory to Stratix III FPGAs

Interfacing 1,067-Mbps DDR3 Memory to Stratix III FPGAs, 5 minutes
Watch this video to see how Altera's Stratix III FPGAs provide I/O circuitry that is capable of high speeds and greater flexibility to support existing and emerging external memory standards. Also see how the I/Os maintain optimal signal integrity at high data rates.

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40-nm FPGA and 8.5-Gbps Transceiver Demo

40-nm FPGA and 8.5-Gbps Transceiver Demo, 4 minutes
Watch this video and see Altera's 40-nm FPGA demonstration showing 1.5-Gbps LVDS performance and transceiver operation at 8.5-Gbps with excellent signal integrity.

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Develop Software for Embedded Systems on FPGAs,

Develop Software for Embedded Systems on FPGAs, , 5 minutes
Are you new to embedded systems on FPGAs, or considering adding a processor to your next FPGA design? In this new video, learn how to build embedded software applications quickly and easily, and see how hardware accelerators improve performance in embedded systems.

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