Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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C-17s' flight time piles up faster than Air Force expected

In the past seven years, the Air Force has flown its C-17s hard, "burning up" the cargo jets faster than military planners expected, a top Air Force general says. Pilots routinely drop C-17s into gut-wrenching dives to reach war-zone landing strips.

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'He's getting off free in a way,' father says

Clair and Patricia McLauchlin don't expect a great burden to be lifted from their lives when the state executes a man who raped, tortured and murdered their daughter 16 years ago. In some ways, they feel Joseph Gardner will be getting off easy Friday, when he is scheduled to be put to death for the racially charged killing of Melissa "Missi" McLauchlin in December 1992.

City Council considers raising cost to $14 in an effort to change people's behavior

When Charleston officials say their plan to sharply increase the cost of a parking ticket is aimed at changing people's behavior, they're talking about people like Drew Thomason.

'The shows must go on,' Wiles says

The economic downtown has forced Charleston Stage, one of South Carolina's largest professional theater companies, to let go three full-time production and administrative employees and cut pay by 6 percent for the remaining 10 staff members.

Fund will offer help in crises

Tragic, unexpected situations arise in the lives of Charleston County children. They die in shootings, car wrecks and drownings, and they lose their homes in fires.

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