Monday, December 1, 2008

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December 1, 2008 | Morning Edition
Top Stories
Video Allegedly Shows India Terror Arrest
CBS News Obtains Exclusive Video Of Train Station Shooter Beaten Before Arrest

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Holiday Shopping Soars 18% Over Last Year
CBS Evening News: Despite A Lousy Economy, Millions More Shoppers Kicked Off The Holiday Shopping Season

 Having The Courage To Be Different
 Burress To Plead Not Guilty On Gun Charge
 Police Eying Wal-Mart Trample Video

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U.S. Key To Curbing South Asia Terror
Zakaria, Woodward Among Authors Discussing Obama Administration Foreign Policy On Face The Nation

 Hillary Among Obama Cabinet Picks
 MSNBC's Chris Matthews For U.S. Senate?
 Obama Says "Help Is On The Way"

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Parents To Toymakers: Cut The Ads
Companies Defend Marketing To Children, Say Parents Can Tailor Gift-Giving To Economic Situation

 Deep Discounts Boost Black Friday Sales
 OPEC Adjourns With No New Price Increase
 A New Foreclosure Wave Hits The Jobless

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The Blackest Of Black Fridays
Bob Schieffer On The Tragic Death Of A Store Employee Trampled By Bargain-Hunters

 The Obama School Scandal?
 Obama & Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists
 The Custodians Of! Empire

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Exclusive: Mumbai Arrest (1:19)

Looking For Answers (1:59)

A Profitable Black Friday (1:57)

Clinton's Big Promotion (2:02)

Formula Fears (2:05)

Campaign '08 Unfiltered (4:00)
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Week in Sports: Nov. 28-Dec. 4

Photos Of The Day

Auction Of Western Art

Bon Voyage To The QE2

Celebrity Circuit

Holiday 2008 Films
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Happy Thanksgiving
Horserace Will Return On December 1st Read More
The Forgotten Storm
CBS News' Hari Sreenivasan Reports That Hurricane Ike Victims Still Struggle To Regain Normalcy Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
It's over Read More
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1. How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters
2. How Pvt. Monica Brown Won A Silver Star
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2. The Golden Boy (12:51)
3. An Uneven Race (1:00)
4. 60 Minutes, 11.30.08 (42:50)
5. The Silver Star (12:17)
1. Bon Voyage To The QE2
2. Auction Of Western Art
3. Photos Of The Day
4. Celebrity Circuit
5. British Fashion Awards

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