Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Detroit’s big three automakers are heading back to Congress this week to make their latest pitch for $25 billion in federal funding to keep them afloat. This time, though, they’ll release detailed plans for overhauling their companies and hopefully return them to profitability. One of the options includes chopping pay for top executives. Anthony Mason has a preview.


As automakers struggle, many local dealerships are expected to close in the coming months. As Ben Tracy reports, there’s a ripple effect on communities when that happens – organizations and businesses, right down to local little leagues and newspapers, will feel the pain.


President-elect Barack Obama reached out to the nation's governors today, saying that his administration would not only listen to their concerns, but seek their counsel. The governors also reached out to him – seeking more federal aid, as 41 states face budget shortfalls. Chip Reid has more.


Turning abroad: India demanded that Pakistan turn over 20 of its most-wanted terrorists for prosecution. And new, harrowing images of the Mumbai attacks were released today. Sheila MacVicar shows us those images and has the latest news. (You can get a preview online right here at our new World Watch blog.)


Also: Critics say it's too big, years too late and far too expensive…and it's even being called ugly! Plus, it all started with pork-barrel politics. Sharyl Attkisson has the story of the grand opening of the U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center.


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