Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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November 11, 2008 | Evening Edition
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What Happened Between Bush And Obama?
White House Denies President Linked Automaker Bailout To Colombia Free Trade Agreement

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Some Racist Remarks In Europe Over Obama
Washington Post: Some Public Figures Display Open Scorn, While Others Make Unintentional Racial Blunders

 Palin Leaves Door Open For 2012 Campaign
 Obama Asks Bush To Back Aid To Automakers
 Obama Wants Lieberman To Vote With Dems

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Carlin Honored With Mark Twain Prize
Jon Stewart, Lily Tomlin, Joan Rivers And Others Salute Late Comedian Famous For "Seven Words"

 Buzz Briefs: Tony Dow, "Dallas"
 Britney's Son Released From Hospital
 Danish Ace Becomes Youngest Poker Champ

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Gitmo: An Early Test Of Obama's Pragmatism
Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen On President-Elect's Plans To Deal With Terror Detainees

 Why Obama Should Copy Bush
 The Bipartisan Unity Fantasy
 Fox News' Place In An Obama World

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Obama's White House Welcome (2:43)

WWII Vets At D.C. Memorial (2:58)

FLDS Seeks Refuge In Colo. (3:03)

Future White House Chef? (1:38)

Chimp Adopts Tiger Cubs (0:36)

Starbucks Profits Go Cold (2:10)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Glamour Gals

Veterans Day 2008

First Visit

Celebrity Circuit
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Obama Camp Announces Ethics Rules, Says No Quid Pro Quo Offered In Bush Meeting
Obama Transition Co-Chair John Podesta Announces Initiatives At Afternoon Briefing Read More
Living The Campaign Hangover
One CBS Broadcast Associate Tries To Go Cold Turkey After Two Years Of Campaign '08 Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
It's over Read More
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1. Obama To Rethink Afghan War Policy
2. 8-Year-Old In Cuffs At Murder Hearing
3. Obama Plans Gone From Transition Web Site
4. Obama's Inner Circle Shares Inside Story
5. A Family That Drinks Together... Gets DUIs
1. The Electronic Wasteland (12:40)
2. Obama's Inner Circle (13:14)
3. A First For First Ladies (3:26)
4. Evening News Online, 11.10.08 (21:18)
5. 60 Minutes, 11.09.08 (43:13)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Women Of The Year
3. First Visit
4. Photos Of The Day
5. World's Ugliest Dogs

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