Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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We'll begin tonight with the most sweeping effort yet to help troubled homeowners caught up in the mortgage meltdown. Government-run mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will renegotiate hundreds of thousands of delinquent loans. This new effort comes after several large banks, including Citigroup, announced their own plans to re-work mortgages to allow struggling families to keep their homes. Bill Whitaker explains the new efforts, and reports on one town where 90 percent of the homeowners owe more than their homes are worth.


Meanwhile, the debate continues on whether the federal government should bail out GM and Ford. Anthony Mason looks at the pros and cons of such a bailout, as the automakers burn through their cash.


Next: Barack Obama works on his transition to the White House, we'll show you the results of a new CBS News poll on what Americans think about the future, and how much faith they have that Mr. Obama can deliver on his campaign promises. Chip Reid has the story.


Turning overseas, CBS News has obtained video you've never seen before. It's an illuminating look at some of the youngest terrorists undergoing training - and carrying out their missions - in Afghanistan. Lara Logan has the story behind the tape.


Also tonight: For Americans struggling in the credit crisis under mounds of debt, one man has a solution - and it doesn't involve giving up your home … OR declaring bankruptcy. Priya David explains in a new installment of "Dollars & Sense."


Finally, on this Veterans Day, we'll talk with some warriors … who never expected to see direct combat … and who aren't even supposed to be on the front lines. Kelly Wallace reports on these remarkable sisters in arms.


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