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745a 11/30 Update: Lonchakov manually guides Progress supply ship to station docking


Posted: 7:45 AM, 11/30/08

By William Harwood
CBS News Space Analyst


Changes and additions:

   SR-81 (11/29/08): Shuttle heat shield cleared for entry
   SR-82 (11/29/08): Lunney outlines landing strategy
   SR-83 (11/30/08): Progress supply ship docks at space station after Lonchakov takes over manual control


7:45 AM, 11/30/08, Update: Progress supply ship docks at space station after Lonchakov takes over manual control

Space station flight engineer Yury Lonchakov took over manual control of an approaching Progress supply ship today when its automated docking system apparently malfunctioned at a distance of about 65 feet from the lab complex. Operating by remote control in the Zvezda command module, Lonchakov deftly guided the cargo ship to a smooth linkup with the Pirs module at 7:28 a.m.

"Capture confirmed," Lonchakov radioed as the docking systems engaged.

"Yury, excellent work!" a Russian flight controller called. "Good job. Congtratulations."

The Progress, loaded with 5,342 pounds of propellant, oxygen, water and dry cargo, was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome last Wednesday. Shortly after reaching orbit, one of its navigation system antennas failed to deploy properly. It later extended, presumably because it was jarred free as the craft maneuvered.

But flight controllers told Lonchakov to be prepared to take over using the backup system if problems developed in the final phases of the rendezvous. He did, and the backup system worked normally.


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