Sunday, November 2, 2008

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Ports give S.C. economy a boost

More than one in every 10 workers in South Carolina earns a living connected to the coastal region's public and private ports. Those people comprise nearly 14 percent of the state's total income. And the port operations and users account for more than 12 percent of the gross state product.

McDonald’s coffee strategy is a tough sell

Some McDonald’s franchisees don’t want to spend the money to implement the full beverage program and the remodeling that goes with it. McDonald’s has estimated it will cost an average of $100,000 per location, and pledged to cover a portion of that expense. The credit crunch is expected to make it harder for franchisees to secure financing.

Delta starts ingesting Northwest

“It’s probably going to take us two years before we can really operate as a single carrier,” says Ed Bastian, the new chief executive of Northwest.

Investor Insight: Meeting with a financial planner

Some advice on selecting an adviser for your money.

Chrysler’s future the talk of the car industry, motoring public

The most frequently heard question in the automotive world is, “What about the proposed merger between General Motors and Chrysler?” Because any answer I could give would be judged as “biased,” let’s refer to Keith Crain, a longtime friend and publisher of Automotive News, for his opinion.

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