Thursday, November 6, 2008

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November 6, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
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How Will Obama Govern?
Washington Post Analysis: President-Elect's Campaign Provides Some Clues To Make A Preliminary Assessment

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Big Rate Cuts As Stock Markets Sink
U.K. Bank Slashes Key Rate By 1.5 Percent Hoping To Revive Credit Flow, But Investors Stay Nervous

 Without Google's Aid, Yahoo's Fate Unclear
 Post-Election Blues Sink Wall Street
 Goldman Sacked: Bank Slashes 10% Of Staff

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How Obama Can Win Over The Media
MarketWatch Media Columnist Explains What Obama Must Do To Become America's "Communicator-In-Chief"

 Declan McCullagh: Shed No Tears For GOP
 America The Liberal?
 Hope Amid The Ruins

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England Slashes Interest Rates (1:34)

Obama's Cabinet Contenders (2:48)

Britain's Beer Policewoman (3:06)

Hearty Greek Meatballs (4:43)

Obama Shifts Into Transition (4:50)

Roadmap To Palin's Future (2:31)
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Celebrity Sports Fans

Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Accepting The Mantle

In Royal Circles

America Votes
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Starting Gate: For GOP, Where To Now?
Sarah Palin Poised To Play Major Role In Party's Future Read More
The Notebook: Breaking A Barrier
Thinking About How Significant Yesterday's Election Really Was Read More
Palin Reveals 2012 Plans: Kindergarten For Son
Day after Read More
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1. Obama Unveils Presidential Transition Team
2. Best-Selling Author Michael Crichton Dies
3. Four Senate Seats Still Hang In Balance
4. Bush Goes Full Speed Ahead On Bailout
5. Calif. Gay Marriage In Limbo
1. Short List For Obama Cabinet (2:13)
2. Evening News Part 1, 11.05.08 (20:55)
3. Obama's Victory Speech (16:44)
4. Maya Angelou: 'I'm So Proud' (7:46)
5. How Obama Won (2:31)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Celebrity Sports Fans
3. A Family Photo Album
4. Photos Of The Day
5. Presidential Progeny

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