Friday, November 7, 2008

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November 7, 2008 | Morning Edition
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Tough Election Leaves GOP In Dire Straits
Politico: Republican Party Seen As Increasingly Out-Dated, In Its Worst Shape Since Rise Of The Conservative Coalition

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Breaking Down Obama's Cabinet Contenders
As Obama Prepares To Fill Key Cabinet Roles, Looks At The Names Generating The Most Buzz In Washington

 Obama Taps Rahm Emanuel For Chief Of Staff
 Dems In Congress Wary Of Overreaching
 Lieberman May Lose Committee Chairmanship

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How Obama Can Win Over The Media
MarketWatch Media Columnist Explains What Obama Must Do To Become America's "Communicator-In-Chief"

 Declan McCullagh: Shed No Tears For GOP
 America The Liberal?
 Hope Amid The Ruins

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Roughed Up In The Wasteland (0:38)

Obama's White House Transition (2:40)

Retailers In Trouble (1:56)

Hope For New Cancer Treatment (2:06)

From Bush To Obama (1:35)

What's In A Name? (4:41)
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Colorful Coronation

Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Celebrity Sports Fans

Accepting The Mantle

In Royal Circles
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Incoming First Family Visits Outgoing On Monday
President-Elect To Meet With President Bush Monday Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Same-Sex Marriage
Gay-Marriage Bans Show Americans Are Still Deeply Divided On Gay Rights Read More
Palin Reveals 2012 Plans: Kindergarten For Son
Day after Read More
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1. Following The Trail Of Toxic E-Waste
2. Breaking Down Obama's Cabinet Contenders
3. Obama Reaches Out To 9 Key Global Allies
4. Tough Election Leaves GOP In Dire Straits
5. All Eyes On The New First Family
1. Roughed Up In The Wasteland (0:38)
2. The New First Family (2:45)
3. Evening News Online, 11.06.08 (21:06)
4. Obama's White House Transition (2:40)
5. Exclusive: Sarah Palin (5:39)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Presidential Progeny
3. A Family Photo Album
4. Colorful Coronation
5. Photos Of The Day

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