Thursday, November 6, 2008

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Clemson, Inc. out of touch with reality

In these times of hardship, when people are losing their jobs and homes, when the value of everything is contracting, when international markets are adjusting to a new world order, college sports still walks around with a cocky strut as if it were immune to economic reality. Just last month, Clemson University thought nothing of paying football coach Tommy Bowden a $3.5 million buyout bonus not to coach the football team anymore. That's after they paid him more than $15 million over the past decade and kept renewing his contract so he would stay.

Black athletes eased Obama's path to White House

Sport can't cause a society to change course suddenly, the way this earthquake of an election can. Instead, like an aftershock, sport produces ripples that nudge people in a different direction.

Aggressive offense invigorates Clemson

CLEMSON â€" Clemson interim football coach Dabo Swinney says Billy Napier is "like a kid in a candy store" as he embraces and shapes his new playcalling role.

Eleven ACC teams have division title hopes

CLEMSON â€" It's the first week of November, and 11 ACC teams still have legitimate hope of winning their divisions.

Return of Satan, um, Saban

COLUMBIA â€" A little more than a year ago, when South Carolina played at LSU, a T-shirt caught my eye as I waded through traffic to the media parking lot.

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