Friday, November 7, 2008

A band that will have you humming to their beat...a story you won't want to miss tonight on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric


"Forgiveness is the healing of wounds caused by another. You choose to let go of a past wrong and no longer be hurt by it. Forgiveness is a strong move to make, like turning your shoulders sideways to walk quickly on a crowded sidewalk. It's your move. "
-Real Live Preacher

Of all the words in the English language, the word "set" has the most definitions.


Here’s an early look at one of the stories we are working on for tonight’s broadcast from Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great week.

It's certainly been a momentous past few days for our country. Today, Barack Obama held his first press conference as President-elect, and said we are facing "the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime." Chip Reid will take a close look at how Mr. Obama handled the press conference - and have the latest on his transition to power. Also, Bob Schieffer and Anthony Mason will join us from Washington to provide some analysis.

The economic news keeps getting worse. The government reported today that unemployment is at a 14-year high of 6.5 percent. Last month, another 240,000 jobs disappeared. On top of that, both Ford and GM reported major losses. Anthony Mason also reports on the slumping economy and Cynthia Bowers explains what's going on with the imploding American auto industry.

But even as job losses soar, there are some fields of work that are virtually recession-proof. Mark Strassmann looks at where you can find a job…in some industries that are growing, not shrinking.

Finally tonight: Strike up the band! For this week's Assignment America, we'll show you a fearless marching band … that sees no obstacles.

See you tonight! Katie

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Obama Promises Quick Action On Economy
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U.S. Unemployment Soars
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Here’s an early look at one of the stories we are working on for Monday’s broadcast of The CBS Evening News If you're like many Americans and drowning in debt...We have advice to help you start managing your cash instead of living on credit. It's part of our special series, Dollars and Sense, beginning next week only on the CBS EVENING NEWS.

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Along with the news of the day, we’ll also have these features

CRAYON ART- Michelle Miller reports on how crayons aren’t child’s play when artist Herb Williams gets his hands on them. He uses the crayons to create unique sculptures, which are quickly becoming must-have artworks around the country.

SUNNI AWAKENING- Randall Joyce reports how only two years ago the civil war between Sunnis and Shiites was raging. Two factors changed that: the surge in American troops and the “Sunni Awakening,” - tribal volunteers who turned against al Qaeda and fought with the Americans. This month the Sunni forces came off the American payroll and are now working for the Shiite led government of Iraq. Joyce takes a look at the Sunni neighborhood of Ameriyah where people are still not yet convinced they can fully trust their government.

STRONG DOLLAR- What a difference a few months makes... With a stronger dollar American tourists can now enjoy a more affordable vacation across Europe. Sheila MacVicar met up with a few delighted yet cautious tourists in Paris and London.

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH Dr. Jon La Pook will tell us about a new report out on Sunday which purports to show how to cut the risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%.


Along with the news of the day, we’ll also have these features

WHITE HOUSE MEETING- Thalia Assuras previews the Monday meeting between President Bush and President-elect Obama. We look at why THIS transition is unique and the challenges the incoming president must face

WORLD PROBLEMS- Elizabeth Palmer reports on how world appears full of hope at the US election of Barack Obama. But President-elect Obama faces a planet full of problems needing immediate attention……in particular Russia, Afghanistan and Iran pose problems that will test the new president's foreign policy.

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Join Dave tonight with Actress Natalie Portman and Author Artie Lange!


Chris Wragge, Erica Hill, anchor Priya David reports the news and Lonnie Quinn brings us the weather.

Inside Jobs - Job-Searching in Tough Times In a tight economy, many people are suddenly job-hunting or changing careers for the first time in years. BusinessWeek's Michelle Conlin will share some new ways to use the Web in a job search.

HealthWatch - Future Cancer Cures An article in U.S. News and World Report offers hope for the treatment of all kinds of cancers. Researchers say one amazing breakthrough could make cancer a curable or manageable chronic disease by the year 2040. We will get the outlook from Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, chairman of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, home to the Cancer Genome Atlas Project.

Green Cleaning Environmental lifestyle contributor Danny Seo shows us natural alternatives to traditional cleaning products.

Presidential Families How will things change for Sasha and Malia Obama, and will their lives ever be the same again? What decisions have helped the children of other First Families lead something close to a normal life?

Chic on a Shoestring - CoatsFashion stylist Alison Deyette will bring us a runway full of budget-friendly winter coats.

Second Cup Cafe Joan Osborne performs songs from her recently released CD, Little Wild One.

Chef on a Shoestring Akhtar Nawab of the New York City restaurant Elettaria creates dishes that draw upon his Indian heritage, Kentucky roots, and creative spice combinations. He will introduce us to some spices that will add huge flavor to our $40, three-course meal for four. Menu: Beet Salad with Toasted Pistachios and Cumin Vinaigrette; Roasted Chicken, Brussels Sprouts and Curry; and Banana Bread Pudding with Cardamom.

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Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see Saturday night on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: VEGAS HEAT from Correspondent Peter Van Sant :

Two Vegas hard bodies’ hard partying ways end in an unthinkable murder and the downfall of a fitness powerhouse. Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan were two of the biggest stars of the body building world. The duo - he, a Mr. Olympia competitor and she, a fitness champion - won numerous competitions and graced magazine covers. Titus even trained Motley Crue lead singer, Vince Neil, who admits to 48 Hours Mystery , that Titus used steroids and injected him with them. And steroids were not Titus' only drug of choice. These Las Vegas hard bodies were also hard partiers, known for using illegal drugs and pain killers.

But all that changed on Dec. 14, 2005, when the charred corpse of a young woman was discovered in Ryan's burned out car on a Las Vegas desert road. The unrecognizable body was initially thought to be Ryan, but authorities were stunned when they arrived to the couple's house only to be greeted by her at the door. The body was that of their live-in assistant Melissa James. And soon police pieced together the web of fame, sex, drugs and jealousy that ended in this brutal murder, a gruesome cover up and the downfall of a fitness powerhouse.

Now, in a 48 Hours Mystery exclusive, family, friends, detectives and witnesses each shed light on this shocking story. And, for the first time, shamed body builder Craig Titus tells his side of what happened the night James died, insisting to 48 Hours Mystery that is wasn't murder. "She OD'd. She'd been shooting drugs for days…I never intended to kill Melissa James, murder Melissa James."

And thanks for watching 48 HOURS MYSTERY on CBS

Peter Van Sant

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VETERANSThey say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this is one story that deserves to be told. For more than a year now, our country’s attention has been dominated by the Presidential election, the ups and downs of Wall Street and our faltering economy. While we’ve been focused on these domestic issues, the fact that more than 100,000 Americans are still fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan has largely disappeared from the headlines. Tuesday is Veteran’s Day, and to honor that holiday, Seth Doane takes us to Las Vegas, where one of the richest men in the world is on a mission to make our troops a priority again. And he’s doing it by treating hundreds of wounded war veterans to a once-in-a-lifetime, all expenses paid vacation to Sin City.

ART: GLASS WEAVERS Thom Norris and Eric Markow are two artists who work together making beautiful objects out of woven glass. How do you weave hard, brittle glass?
Serena Altschul tries to uncover the pair’s artistic secrets when she goes to their studio to see them melt glass and work their magic.

BILLY ELLIOTT Sir Elton John reveals to Katie Couric how his own childhood and relationship with his father inspired him to write “Billy Elliott, The Musical.”

ANDREW JACKSON Susan Spencer reports on the new book by Newsweek editor Jon Meacham on the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson… and the intriguing parallels between this year’s Presidential campaign and the one that Jackson waged 180 years ago.

007: JAMES BOND Fifty six years after Ian Fleming wrote his first James Bond novel, another Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, is coming to town. What accounts for Bond’s enduring popularity? It turns out his creator, Fleming, really was a spy of sorts, and certainly led a life from which he could steal scenes for his novels. Anthony Mason gets the scoop from one of his wartime female colleagues, takes a ride in the original Bond car - a 1930 Bentley - and hears from the latest James Bond star, actor Daniel Craig, about Fleming’s legacy.

OPINION Nancy Giles on Barack Obama.

BOCCE If you think of Bocce Ball as a sport played by older men bickering in Italian, you’re right. But these days, it is also being enjoyed by a new breed of players in hip bars and restaurants. This Sunday Morning, Bill Geist attends the NYC Bocce Championship in Staten Island, a veritable World Series of the sport, where he meets some of those older players (who still bicker in Italian) and takes us to the Union Hall Bar in Brooklyn, NY, where the next generation of Bocce players is having a ball.

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FACE THE NATION’s guests are still to be determined…please tune in and see what Bob will have to offer this Sunday.



OBAMA’S BRAIN TRUST Steve Kroft goes behind the scenes on election night to speak to the brains whose strategy propelled Barack Obama into the White House.

THE WASTELAND Where do the millions of computer monitors, cell phones and other electronic refuse our society generates end up? Some of it is shipped illegally from the U.S. to China, reports Scott Pelley, where it is harming the environment and the people who salvage its valuable components.

TED TURNER The nearly 70-year-old media mogul looks back on a life marked by huge successes, steep downfalls and public feuds that have made him an American legend.
Morley Safer reports.


Julie Chen, Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith, Russ Mitchell will anchor the EARLY SHOW from New York. Dave Price will bring us the weather.

Along with the top news, we are currently working on the following stories:

FIVE DAYS, FIVE DECADES: THE 1950’S! Grab your coonskin caps and letter sweaters for a trip to the days of greasers, hula hoops, sock hops, Rosa Park's bus ride, Lucy & Desi, Elvis and beatniks!….Monday we kick off our HUGE series “Five Days, Five Decades”…where we take a trip back in time and remember 5 decades that changed our country! Monday, we start with the 1950’s…the fashion, the memories, the music, memorabilia, the celebrities…and everything in between! Join us as we take a walk back in time and remember our childhood years…

1950’S CELEBRITIES AND CHILD STARS Remember when Lucille Ball, the Cleavers, Donna Reed and Lassie ruled the airwaves? Well, Monday we're going to do a bit of reminiscing and take a trip back to TV's golden age. Joining us will be a few of the former child stars who helped make that era special.

1950’S FASHIONS We all remember the days when the boys dressed like greasers and the girls were in poodle skirts… the fashions of the 1950’s was a staple in American history. And while, many of us may not have lived in this era, the fashion trends are still lingering today in clothes we see everyday. We’ll have a real fashion show with authentic clothing from the 1950’s, to bring back that nostalgic feeling of drive thrus and sock hops…

1950’S COMMERCIALS AND PRODUCTS Snap, crackle, pop! was the commercial for Rice Krispies cereal…and who can forget the last cigarette commercial for the Virginia Slims. We’ll take a look back at all of the rare classic commercials that hit the airwaves in the 1950’s. Plus…we’ll show you some of the products and memorabilia that have been trademarks of the decade.

LITTLE RICHARD PERFORMS LIVE! "Tutti Frutti,” "Long Tall Sally" and of course..."Good Golly Miss Molly." All smash hits from the 50’s by one of the biggest architects of Rock & Roll...Little Richard. And to kick of our Five Days, Five Decades series, he’ll be live in our studio to perform a medley of 50’s classics!

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