Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric-- We're bringing you a full hour to bring you all the news- plus analysis from our political team of this historical election




Quote Of The Day 

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”
- William James 

Did You Know 

The expletive, "Holy Toledo," refers to Toledo, Spain, which became an outstanding Christian cultural center in 1085.  

Tonight On The CBS Evening News

Here’s an early look at what we are working on from Anchor and Managing Editor of The CBS Evening News, Katie Couric

Hi everyone,
Last night we witnessed history being made as Americans elected Barack Obama, the first African-American to be chosen as president. Tonight, we’re extending our broadcast to a full hour to bring you all the news - plus analysis from our political team - of this extraordinary election.

The speculation has already begun regarding the key appointments President-elect Obama will need to make. Dean Reynolds reports on what the Obama administration may look like, and how the next president may operate in the Oval Office.

Republicans are also looking ahead - a lot further ahead … to 2012. After losing seats in both chambers of Congress, how will the GOP regroup? And what does the future hold for Sarah Palin? Chip Reid has that part of the story.

Next, Jeff Greenfield will bring out the map, crunch the numbers and explain precisely how Obama pulled off his impressive win. And Byron Pitts will examine the extraordinary effect this election has had on African-Americans, including a profile of those who blazed the trail for Obama.

Americans weren’t the only ones who cheered the election results. Celebrations broke out in Europe, and in Kenya, the home of some of Obama's relatives, a national holiday was declared. Mark Phillips has the story.

In other news, popular sci-fi writer Michael Crichton, the man behind "Jurassic Park," "The Andromeda Strain" and the TV series “ER” has died of cancer at 66. Richard Schlesinger shows us his legacy.

And a story you won't want to miss. It's a portrait of an artist … who made a portrait … that became an emblem of Campaign 2008.

See you tonight,


For more information on these stories, please click on the following links:

Obama Unveils Presidential Transition Team
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World Welcomes Obama's Victory
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Tonight On David Letterman 

Join Dave tonight with Tom Brokaw, Actress Vera Farmiga… Plus musical guest Brad Paisley!  

Thursday  Morning On The Early Show

Julie Chen, Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith and Russ Mitchell will anchor THE EARLY SHOW from New York. Dave Price will bring us the weather.

Along with the top news of the day, we will also have the following stories:

HOW THE INTERNET HELPED OBAMA’S VICTORY Part of Barack Obama's Presidential win Tuesday night has to be attributed to the incredible surge of young voters hitting the polls. CBS News Science and Technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg is here to tell us about how the importance of the web was in this election.

OLD INTO NEW - SUSAN KOEPPEN REPORTS In these tough economic times, many of us can’t afford to buy new things every season, and it can get very expensive when we have to! Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen will tell us the easy ways that you can turn anything OLD into brand new. Clothing, house wares, even seasonal items…can all be restored and brought back to life!

ENERGY-SAVING WINDOW TREATMENTS Window treatments are an excellent way to save energy. Window treatments provide insulation during the cold winter months as well as repel the heat during the summer. Different styles will provide better energy savings. The benefits of these special window treatments are: Reduced energy consumption AND Lower Energy bills. And guess what - they’re not expensive! We’ll show you how these new products work and tell you how much money they can save you this winter.

NATIONAL "DAD MAKES DINNER" DAY Thursday is national “Dad Makes Dinner” Day and we’re celebrating it. Russ and Harry - who are both dads - will be whipping up a delicious meal that any man can make.

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