Friday, November 7, 2008

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November 7, 2008 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
Obama Promises Quick Action On Economy
President-Elect Calls For New Stimulus Package, Says U.S. Is Facing "Greatest Economic Challenge Of Our Lifetime"

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Despite Interview Requests, Palin Lays Low
Back In Alaska, Former GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Stays In Her Home After Whirlwind Nine Weeks In Spotlight

 Byrd Steps Down From Appropriations Post
 Election Shows Race Gap Between Christians
 Poll Data Doesn't Reflect Bradley Effect

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In The Bullring With "The Matador"
New Film Chronicles Several Years In The Life Of Famous Spanish Bullfighter David Fandila

 Pop Culture Highlights Of Election '08
 Tina Fey Retires Palin Character
 Critic John Leonard Dies

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Barack Obama, Yes. Gay Marriage, No.
National Review Online: Despite Electing The Most Liberal President Ever, Voters Don't Look All That Progressive

 Why Proposition 8 Won In California
 How Obama Can Win Over The Media
 Declan McCullagh: Shed No Tears For GOP

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Iran Congratulates Obama (1:40)

Economy Returns To Forefront (1:11)

Economic Briefing For Obama (4:57)

Paul Rudd As 'Role Model' (3:40)

Greek Parthenon Gets Facelift (2:38)

Auto Industry On Its Knees (2:33)
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Photos Of The Day

MTV Europe Awards

Celebrity Circuit

Colorful Coronation

"Survivor: Gabon"

Celebrity Sports Fans
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Obama's Puppy Problem
Senator Addresses What Sort Of Dog He Might Bring To The White House In First Press Conference As President Elect Read More
The Other America: Closing Doors?
Seth Doane Tells What It Was Like To Report On Glen Meert's Struggling Restaurant Read More
Palin Reveals 2012 Plans: Kindergarten For Son
Day after Read More
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1. Following The Trail Of Toxic E-Waste
2. Rahm Emanuel Is The Hot To Obama's Cool
3. Ted Turner: Feeling Alone On The Range
4. Breaking Down Obama's Cabinet Contenders
1. Roughed Up In The Wasteland (0:38)
2. Obama Picks Chief Of Staff (1:32)
3. The New First Family (2:45)
4. Obama's White House Transition (2:40)
5. Evening News Online, 11.06.08 (21:06)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Presidential Progeny
3. Colorful Coronation
4. Holiday 2008 Films
5. A Family Photo Album

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