Friday, November 7, 2008

Barack Obama, How could we Americans be so stupid? - Do black people understand why so many of us who come from prejudice families are jumping for joy? - Who think George Bush was a good president? -

  1. Do black people understand why so many of us who come from prejudice families are jumping for joy?
  2. How likely does it look with the info below that Joe Biden is right that Obama will be tested in 6 months?
  3. Spiritually speaking, have you ever felt such an enormous amount of hope followed by such overwhelming...?
  4. ALL republicans and democrats...who agrees that...?
  5. Inspirational...will you do your part?
  6. Was last night the final blow to the "pro-life" movement?
  7. Doesn't the immigration law apply to Obama's aunt, too?
  8. Republicans!!. How Do You Feel?
  9. Why do people keep saying that Barack Obama is?
  10. Will Barack Obama want to change?
  11. Someone tell me about Obama?
  12. What do you guys think...?
  13. Who think George Bush was a good president?
  14. Do you think.... (stupid 20 characters)?
  15. Now That Obama has Won, I want 1 supporter to explain what this "CHANGE" is that he is going to bring?
  16. What does Barack Obama stand for?
  17. Tickets to Presidential Inauguration 2009?
  18. What will Barack Obama do to improve the American Economy?
  19. Russia is already testing our newly elected president...?
  20. Do you vote in Barack Obama?
  21. Why do people think Barack's election somehow means America has progressed?
  22. Is anyone else fed up with all the Barack Obama questions?!?
  23. How come Barack Obama is Hussain?
  24. Whats the difference between shooting and killing an unwanted 5 year old child and aborting an unwanted fully?
  25. Oil Industry downfall?
  26. What has George Bush left us to repair?
  27. How could we Americans be so stupid?
  28. Who else is disgusted by the ignorance?
  29. What are some of the pros and cons of Barack obama being president?
  30. Is anyone else as excited as I am that for once the right person was elected. Go Barack Obama. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!?
  31. Is history repeating itself? Look at Vietnam War ?
  32. Who will replace Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the U.S. Senate?
  33. I don't get it: is Barack Obama for gay and lesbian rights? Or is he against them?
  34. What will be the status of white people in Barack Obama's America?
  35. If Barack Obama turns things around for the better will you still trash him?
  36. Why did so many Americans ignore Barack Obama's affiliations?
  37. Good policy for other small business owners to adopt in the coming months?
  38. How will a black President affect racism in America?
  39. What role will Barack Obama's advisors and confidants play in his new cabinet?
  40. Hey PUMA people can you say "President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden"?
  41. Anybody been to Luanda?
  42. you might be from Southern California if? and what is the best thing about San Diego?
  43. need essay help asap !!!!!!!(10points)?
  44. are you rich gop supporters ready to weep now? with all lost seats?
  45. angola stuff?
  46. can i please know the authenticity of a tourism company known as VIRGINFIELD TOURISM UK. Is it also true that ?
  47. is it true that virgin field tourism company exist in US,sourth Africa,Botswana?Do they do int. job recruitmt ?
  48. angola help please?
  49. Is Governor Palin really as dumb as she acts?
  50. Please tell me what its like living in Chicago/Northwest Indiana.the good the bad & the ugly.Looking to move?
  51. Coniferous Forest: Suggested Tourism activities suited for the biome?
  52. I want to know any Nigeria living in Luanda, Angola.?
  53. Attractions/sites in Madagascar?
  54. Are there many white people living in Angola?
  55. Do you know who the borderline retarded will be voting for? ?
  56. Lamington National Park Eco-tourism?
  57. explain the meaning of tourism and giving details of tourism products and services?
  58. Do you think most of the skyscraper projects proposed in Nigeria and Luanda will be built?
  59. Some Spanish help please?
  60. Poll: If McCain wins is it bad for true conservatives?
  61. Can I get WordPress to display posts from a certain category on a page?
  62. Whats Robert Mugabe planning to do with those weapons ?
  63. I live in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and crime is becoming a big issue. Could it be a racial problem?
  65. Could these killings be based on race?
  66. Could Obama still loose the Election even with 70% of the vote?
  67. how to drive in new york?
  68. I need help answering these can someone help?
  69. Tourism Preference! Cairo or Istanbul?
  70. What is the colonized mindset?
  71. What tropical island has minimal tourism and a low number of inhabitants that US citizens can live on?
  72. what is the capital of Benguela Province, Angola?
  73. What documents do i need when buying a car in New York?
  74. Have you heard about notices being sent to newly Reg.voters tell them "To avoid Violence,Dems to Vote Nov.5th ?
  75. What was Jonas Savimbi countries political condition when he came into power?
  76. which is the best major?
  77. Does the CIA do more harm or good?
  78. Who was on whose side? Angolan War?
  79. I received this email today?
  80. Why is only the Jewish holocaust given attention over other genocides when there are so few Jews in the world?
  81. Should John McCain ask his chief political advisor Charlie Black to step down?
  82. Why aren't Democrats responding to Republican mudslinging with their own mudslinging?
  83. Does McCain's advisers like Rick Davis and Charles Black worry you?
  84. For those about to rock, this video game's for you
  85. Guitar Hero World Tour Wii - Rock Band Wii.?
  86. Dio or My Chemical Romance?
  87. Hey is this a good Pokemon team?
  88. Urine Screening and Limited amounts of alcohol?
  89. Is this Justified or not?
  90. performing for the first time at rock show..with my band....we need good songs...the crowd must enjoy?
  91. What is the title of this song?
  92. What is the best hotel to stay in? Im going to cape girardeau missouri to visit southeast missouri state! :)?
  93. Angola diamond wars in Africa?
  94. Angola diamond wars in Africa?
  95. Is America ready for a white president?
  96. help!! i cant find this question in the story??
  97. what shouldddd i doo ?!?!?!?!?
  98. How Do I Get Free Habbo Vouchers?
  99. If You Could End Any ONE Of The Following.........?
  100. bagaimana cara membuka file .tib?
  101. could anyone explain why they use " 4 star hotel" ?
  102. Is Bush going to get the blame if Obama is elected and fails?
  103. ok need help quickly.............?
  104. Can someone please recomend some cheap, clean hotels in the 5th & 6th arrond in Paris?
  105. mana yang enak megang drum, keyboard, gitar, atau bass??
  106. are european hotels priced per room or per person?
  107. We are making history Obama is almost there do you feel it?
  108. Bad hair day! What did I do wrong?
  109. What to do for my birthday?
  110. How can I help my depressed girlfriend get a new job.?
  111. How can One become a Zillionair in 3-4 years time ?
  112. Obama's past not important?
  113. What were some achievements of the ancient Nubian, Sudanic, and Bantu peoples?
  114. Which government official in Oakland CA spent public funds on 5-star hotels and broadway tickets?
  115. Is it wrong to hate those who hate?
  116. Kawan2, tolong aq yach!!! di web apa klo mo cr chord msk cmprsri, dngdut, lg" prjuangan, n pop kenangan?
  117. Which colleges in New York can i study Tourism?
  118. What are Americans so unhappy about?
  119. Why do people say that a vote against Obama is just out of racism?
  120. Midnight Club LA Wheres the standard hotel??
  121. Who were the Bantu and what was their significance in African history?
  122. what really happened in the game france vs italy? ?
  123. if you've seen the movie Crash, the one about racism, please answer this?
  124. Sarah Palin Should Be President-She's The Most Qualified?
  125. Xbox360 Midnight Club LA Wheres the standard hotel?
  126. Is RO35 scared..........?
  127. help me please??? parents meet my online boyfriend?
  128. A map of Bantu migrations?
  129. Why is Obama so ashamed of his middle name?
  130. Questions about toddlers ???MOMS help please?
  131. Need help on genealogy?
  132. what does this mean??
  133. tlg bantu informasi harga dan alamat kost serta harga makanan di makasar?
  134. do you think some black comedians are....?
  135. what can happen if Accused of Rape?
  136. 1. Next year, I plan a vacation to Italy about 1 or 2 weeks. Any tour recommend? ?
  137. If Obama is going to be killed then how come is Mr Bush not killed yet?
  138. what can happen if accused of this?
  139. gimana caranya menghibur diri sendiri pas lagi sedih and bete?
  140. why don`t you have a section of Palestine in yahoo answers, however you have a section of Israel?
  141. If the world cup final was held today?
  142. Is TI treasure island a good hotel for young singles?
  143. Whats best to see in Italy?
  144. Why is Barack Obama's lead shrinking?
  145. ada yg bisa bantu jual paket wisata pelajar (study tour) liburan akhir semester ini?
  146. Who has covered these songs?
  147. Does anyone else realyse the importance of this years CL?
  148. Which hotel comes with personal outdoor jacuzzi in Pattaya? I'm tired of looking over internet, please help!?
  149. is there good reason to think Obama is a terrorist, or are white people just scared b/c, well, he's not white?
  150. Describe the migrations of the Bantu and Indo-European people?
  151. How is McCain different than George W. Bush? ?
  152. My brother and me dilemma?
  153. How can you report people for this?
  154. A question for Florida voters?
  155. i want to visit the Palace of Versailles?
  156. Explain and illustrate why zambian languages like other bantu languages are called agglunative languages?
  157. How can I report people for this.....?
  158. Does this book i got from the library look good?
  159. Does electing Obama as first Black President would put an end to racism?
  160. Does anyone know how to make Ricotta cheese using milk?
  161. Jup MX, tarikan melemah (setelah diservis&gnti oli) dan oleng saat digeber di jalan tdk rata?
  162. does anybody know where the haunted hotel is in memphis. ?
  163. Can anyone explain why it is Obama's duty to end racism and affirmative action if he wins?
  164. Can you please review my essay about heros?
  165. Is the US Financing Colombian Death Squads?
  166. would you ever have sex with your teacher if you really liked him and was 18? but at his house or a hotel?
  167. can anyone discuss the traditional Bantu concept of God and how man relates to that God?
  168. Do your parents show more love to your baby than to you?
  169. Bill Kaulitz out of Tokio Hotel?
  170. Isn't it reverse racism when blacks only vote for a black candidate based only on the color his skin?
  171. Which of the following was not a factor in the Bantu Migrations?
  172. 2 Georgia Law hotel Questions ?
  173. Why is my bio teacher so cold/mean..?
  174. Obama Effigy a double standard?
  175. Does anybody knows a good bed and breakfast or Hotel near Pratt Institute in brooklyn. ?
  176. Help with homework- analogies?
  177. Gw update win xp sp1 ke sp2.Pesan:"the file awmh03l5.sys could no be found"(setup jadi failed).Ada yg bs bantu?
  178. ( ^ _ ^ ) I'm simply in love with this woman! Any Maria Rita fans out there?
  179. A great political "poem" it flows so well!!?
  180. Is this a subtle form of racism?
  181. Haunted Hotel In Houston? 10 pts.?
  182. Which European teams will finish in the top two spots for World Cup 2010 qualifying?
  183. Where did the Bantu orginate? a. Red Sea B. Mediterranean Sea C. Southern border of Sahara D. Southern Kalahar?
  184. A problem about former friends?
  185. Racism against whites?
  186. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  187. Does the phrase smoking a complimentary Coggee Bay Hotel Cigar to a nicatine addict mean anything?
  188. world history help...plz!!!!?
  189. hellooo....I'm a italian
  190. Tokio Hotel CD help needed!!! PLEASE?
  191. Would threats of violence make you vote for Obama?
  192. How to become a hotel owner?
  193. What is the best country in Europe?
  194. History homework help plz!?
  195. What's the name of the song from Layer Cake?
  196. 10 Hr Layover In Houston Int airport?How to pass time?anything interesting to do?No acess to car?
  197. could what happened in home alone 2 happen in real life?
  198. Concerts in Atlanta????????
  199. is there an all-inclusive las vegas vacation package? (air+hotel+food, at least hotel+food)? ?
  200. Want to take a trip to the Kiruna Ice Hotel in Sweden?
  201. R&P: Are any of you fans of Elvis Presley's music?
  202. Richie Hawtin @ minitek track ID?
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