Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Health: Dietary pills laced with drugs

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Cover Story

cover Dietary pills laced with drugs

An estimated 150 million Americans usedietary supplements, ranging from multivitamins to herbal remedies to specializedmineral blends. They need to be careful about what they buy and who they buy it from.

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Weight-Loss Success

success-weightLisa Maddox, 44, of Commerce, drops 44 pounds

"I knew I was heavier than I'veever been, but I didn't know how completely out of shape I was. I wason blood pressure medication and was obviously not very healthy. I knewthat I had to do something to get my weight and my health under control."

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fitness Inline skating rewards Rick Sadlier, 31, with stamina

"I found myself to be more alert. When I worked overnight I had terrible insomnia. Once I started exercising it got better because I got sounder sleep. I get a full eight hours of sleep."

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Healthy Eating

fit-to-eat Load up on these five items and your brain will thank you.

Brain cells like all cells start needing nutrition as soon as they're created
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Mistreated Depression

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