Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOA Africa News Summary

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U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, left, and Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, right, 15 Oct 2008 International Observers Witness U.S. Elections  Audio Clip Available
Zambian observer impressed by US polls

Senator Barack Obama in Charlotte, North Carolina, 03 Nov 2008 Kenyans Anxiously Await US Presidential Election Results  Audio Clip Available
Kenyans are anxiously waiting for the outcome of the United States presidential election as Americans head to the polls to choose a successor to outgoing President George W. Bush.

A displaced Congolese runs with in a rain storm in the Kibati camp in  eastern Congo, 4 Nov. 2008 United Nations Delivering Critical Supplies to Displaced Congolese
Fighting destroys camps, leaves tens of thousands of internally displaced Congolese

Yemeni NGO workers give newly arrived Somali migrants water on the beach of Hasn Beleid village, 230 kms east of the Red Sea port of Aden, 15 Oct., 2008 Nearly 40,000 Attempt Gulf of Aden Crossing This Year From Somalia to Yemen  Audio Clip Available
UN refugee agency says 600 have died, often at the hands of smugglers

A fighter of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) holds his weapons at the militia's creek camp in the Niger Delta, 17 Sep 2008 Nigerian Armed Group Offers to Help Free Kidnapped Lebanese Engineer
Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta says it was not behind attack but will work to locate hostage, negotiate with abductors

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 19 Aug. 2008 UN Secretary General to Meet Leaders of DRC and Rwanda Soon  Audio Clip Available
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is expected to meet Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila and Rwanda President Paul Kagame soon to resolve the ongoing rebel insurgency in eastern Congo.

Development Expert says New President must not Neglect International Responsibilities - PART 1 of 5  Audio Clip Available
U.S. development economist Nancy Birdsall says new administration will face unprecedented global challenges

Security Expert says New US Administration must Develop Fragile States - PART 2 of 5  Audio Clip Available
Stewart Patrick of Council on Foreign Relations warns that failed countries pose grave threats to America

Top Environmental Economist says Next US Administration must Focus on Climate Change - PART 3 of 5  Audio Clip Available
Scientist David Wheeler advises new man in White House to help Africa implement environmentally friendly policies - otherwise US will suffer consequences

Health Economist says New US Administration must Modify HIV AIDS Policy - PART 4 of 5  Audio Clip Available
PEPFAR program lauded internationally but expert says new administration must change it in several essential ways

New Man in White House urged to build Power and Roads in Africa - PART 5 of 5  Audio Clip Available
Development expert Vijaya Ramachandran suggests US-sponsored 'Clean Infrastructure Initiative' for Africa

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