Sunday, November 2, 2008

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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Cogent and Sprint Break the Internet!
Sprint pulls the plug on Cogent... temporarily?
Technology, Peering, Cogent...
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Google: We'll Take The AOL Journals Users
Offers Migration Service to Transfer Content
Google, aol journals, AOL...
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Yahoo Creates Experimental Status For SearchMonkey Apps
Users, developers can meet in the middle
Yahoo, SearchMonkey, applications...
Google Makes it Easier To Get Found in Product Search
Adds "Data Quality" Feature
Google, ecommerce, google base...
GPS Lingerie Resurrected In Brazil
Not A Web-originating hoax this time
Search, Technology, Advertising...
Local is As Local Does
Search Engines Trump Yellow Pages
Search, Yahoo, Google...
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1 comment Censors Weird Al
MTV, I'm breaking up with you
Social Media, Legal, MTV...
Google Webserver Software Making Gains
Netcraft puts it next to Apache in terms of growth
Google, hosting, Netcraft...
Daughter Of Yahoo CEO Tells Guard To Google Her
Plus things you can’t say on TV
Search, Google, Yahoo...
Big Celebrities: Use Google to Find Voting Info
Take it from Leo, Snoop, and Borat
Google, Politics, online video...
Google Opens Door To More Alcohol Ads
Beer, champagne, wine all a-okay
Advertising, Google, AdWords...
Google Indexing Scanned Text
Treating Text Imagery Like Text in Search Results
Search, Google, Google Book Search...
Google, Yahoo Ad Deal Unlikely
Not looking good
Search, Advertising, Google...
Search Engines Celebrate Halloween
Google Gets Horror Icon to Design Logo
Search, Google, google doodles...
More Fuel for the Social-Media-At-Work Debate
Study Suggests It's A Positive Thing for Businesses
Social Media, Productivity, studies...
Google Helps Volunteers Recruit Voters
Releases New Mobile Tool for Voting Info
Google, Politics, Voting...
Showing Respect With Your Anchor Text
Don't Accidentally "Diss" Your References
linking, writing, blogging...
Google Delays Opening Of Oklahoma Server Farm
12-18 months, maybe thanks to the economy
Google, Data Centers, Oklahoma...
Broadband Users See Service As A Must
Not loyal to providers
Technology, DSL, J.D. Power and Associates...
Google Stands Behind the Cloud
Makes Some Guarantees
Google, gmail, Google Apps...
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ICANN Delays Shuttering Of Spam Registrar
Needs more time
Legal, Domains, ICANN...
Link Directly To Any Moment in a YouTube Video
Deep Linking Now an Option
deep linking, linking, online video...
McBrain vs. Zombama
Fun With Amazon’s Suggestive Selling
Advertising, Social Media, Politics...
Blogs Attract More Than 14 Million Visitors In The UK
41% of Internet audience
Technology, Social Media, comScore...
A Gold Rush For Twitter Squatters?
The Wall Street Journal To Mainstream Theory
Social Media, Twittersquatting, Twitter...
1 comment
Google's Knol Does Its Thing In Three New Languages
Comme ci, comme ca
Google, wikipedia, Knol...
Google Street View Goes To Italy
Four spots, possibly the best sights yet
Google, Street View, Italy...
AOL Launches New Homepage
Opens up to social networks
Technology, Social Media, MySpace...
Netflix Forms A Partnership with TiVo
Should Expand Audience in Many More Living Rooms
TiVo, Netflix, online video...
Continued Growth For Online Advertising
Double-digit gains
Advertising, marketing, eMarketer...
Facebook Winning Over Business Audiences
Leads in attracting online retailers
Advertising, Social Media, facebook...
1 comment
Journalists Struggle With New Media
Cite burn out
Technology, Social Media, Journalists...
1 comment
Google (Sort Of) Embraces OpenID
Becomes provider, not relying party
Google, OpenID...
1 comment
Microsoft Becoming Preoccupied With The Cloud
Focus should keep it current, benefit consumers
Technology, Microsoft, Cloud Computing...
Ads On Social Networks Drive Purchases
Majority welcome ads
Advertising, Social Media, Twitter...
Top 10 Frustrations for eBay Sellers
An Extensive Look at the Peeves
Online Auctions, ecommerce, eBay...
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Online Gambling Saga Continues with Boycott on Kentucky
Online Gambling Saga Continues with Boycott on Kentucky
Many of you have been following our coverage of the online gambling saga going on in Kentucky. For a quick recap, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear ordered the seizure and forfeiture of 141 illegal gambling websites.

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