Monday, November 3, 2008

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November 3, 2008 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
Poll: McCain Gains, But Obama Well Ahead
CBS News Survey Finds Democrat With Nine Point Advantage Among Likely Voters Nationwide On Eve Of Election Day

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Congo Crisis Hits Children The Hardest
Food Aid Still Not Getting Through As Thousands Of Childrens' Lives Hang In The Balance At Packed Refugee Camps

 Israel To Stop Funding Illegal Settlements
 Petraeus Gets Earful From Pakistan Leaders
 String of Bombs Kills 6 In Baghdad

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A Hard-Fought Battle In Hard-Hit Ohio
Washington Post: Decisive State In 2004 Is Economically Battered And Electorally Coveted

 Obama: Targeting Michelle Was Low GOP Blow
 Obama's Talk Show Advantage
 What To Watch For On Election Night

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Fox News Gets Angry As Election Nears
New Republic: Watch 24 Hours Of Fox News Today And You Get A Prelude To Its Next Four Years

 We Know The Real Barack Obama
 Now's Your Chance: Vote
 An! dy Loves Concession Speeches

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Cell Phone Artist At Work (1:39)

Preview: Couric With Obama (2:12)

Vets Take Over Capitol Hill (3:33)

Kenya's 'Obama The Musical' (1:17)

World Watches U.S. Election (1:35)

Early Postcard: Colorado Springs, Colo. (2:02)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Last Call!

The Master of Suspense

Week in Sports: Oct. 31-Nov. 6

Halloween in Hollywood
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Obama: "Brothers Should Pull Up Their Pants"
Democrat Says Laws Against Sagging Pants Are A Waste Of Time, But That Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Pull Them Up Read More
Preview: Exclusive Interview With Barack Obama
Tonight On The CBS Evening News, Katie Couric Talks With Barack Obama Read More
McCain Confident As He Pushes Pennsylvania Victory Plan
Campaigning in Pa. Read More
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1. Obama: Targeting Michelle Was Low GOP Blow
2. How A Phony Fed Fooled A Small Town
3. Start Saying Goodbye To Belly Fat
4. Blood And Money On Horseshoe Bay
5. Harnessing The Power Of The Brain
1. Brain Power (12:22)
2. Obama On His Aunt (0:37)
3. Preview: Couric With Obama (2:12)
4. The Truth About Sergeant Bill (12:54)
5. 60 Minutes, 11.2.08 (42:37)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Halloween in Hollywood
3. Campaign Star Power
4. The Master of Suspense
5. Photos Of The Day

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