Monday, November 3, 2008

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Hi everyone,


Tonight we’re extending the CBS Evening News to one hour so that we can bring you extra Campaign ’08 coverage. It’s hard to believe that, after a campaign season that’s lasted nearly two years, Election Day is just one night away. We’ll have the latest on the final push to the finish line, with the results of our latest CBS News poll.


Out on the trail, Dean Reynolds is following the Obama campaign for the final blitz, while Chip Reid is with John McCain. Back here at our Election headquarters, we’ll hear from our two wise men of politics. Jeff Greenfield will discuss what to watch for (and when) on Election Night, while Bob Schieffer will report on the key moments that shaped the presidential campaign.


Next, my interview with Sen. Barack Obama. I asked him about his aunt, who reportedly has been living in the United States illegally – and about what has troubled him most about this election cycle. You won't want to miss what he had to say. For a couple preview clips, click here.


As we’ve learned time and again, pundits and pollsters pontificating about what's going to happen on Election Day don't always get things right. But when it comes down to it, Americans don’t want to wait for the expected 100 million-plus votes to be counted. Our Fast Draw team will explain…and illustrate…how exit polling and informed predictions are supposed to work.


I hope you'll also join us tomorrow night for our special Election Night broadcast. We'll be live all evening to give you up-to-the minute results from the CBS News Polling Unit. And keep the coffee handy – we'll be following our coverage with a special 2 a.m. Webcast that you can watch on or at our partner in digital coverage, Also, don't forget to submit any election night questions – I'll read a couple on air, and our political team will have the answers. 


See you tonight!

Katie Couric


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