Monday, November 3, 2008

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November 3, 2008 | Morning Edition
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A Hard-Fought Battle In Hard-Hit Ohio
Washington Post: Decisive State In 2004 Is Economically Battered And Electorally Coveted

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Campaigns Sprint To The Finish
Obama, McCain Uncork Get-Out-The-Vote Operations As Candidates Make Last-Minute Pushes In Battleground States

 Feds Probe Leak About Obama's Aunt
 In Final Days, Dirty Tricks Rear Ugly Head
 Labor Confronts Race Issue In Blunt Terms

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Early Postcard: Wilmington, N.C. (1:59)

Obama On His Aunt (0:37)

Vets Take Over Capitol Hill (3:33)

Early Postcard: Colorado Springs, Colo. (2:02)

Early Postcard: Decatur, Indiana (1:25)

Auto Industry In Turmoil (1:52)
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The Master of Suspense

Week in Sports: Oct. 31-Nov. 6

Photos Of The Day

Campaign Star Power

Celebrity Circuit

Plaza Full Of Palins
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Starting Gate: Calm Before The Storm?
One Day Out, Anything Can Still Happen Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: This Halloween
For Some Kids This Year, It's More "Trick" Than "Treat" Read More
Long Day for McCain in Final 24 Hours
mccain Read More
Most Viewed
1. How A Phony Fed Fooled A Small Town
3. In Final Days, Dirty Tricks Rear Ugly Head
5. Poll: Early Voters Strongly Prefer Obama
1. Obama On His Aunt (0:37)
2. Brain Power (12:22)
3. Face The Nation, 11.2.08 (21:35)
4. The Truth About Sergeant Bill (12:54)
5. 60 Minutes Online, 11.2.08 (42:37)
1. Campaign Star Power
2. The Master of Suspense
3. A Family Photo Album
4. Photos Of The Day
5. Celebrity Circuit

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