Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Webcast Series: Overcome High-End Design Challenges by Using 40-nm FPGAs

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Webcast Series: Overcome High-End Design Challenges by Using
40-nm FPGAs

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Challenges for today's high-end digital systems include increasing performance, reducing power consumption, and increasing system bandwidth and integration. Watch Altera's 40-nm webcast series to learn how to overcome all of these challenges with Altera's new 40-nm portfolio.

Choose from these on-demand webcasts:
  • Introducing Altera's 40-nm Portfolio (30 minutes)
  • New Gen2 PCI Express Hard IP for 40-nm Devices (15 minutes)
  • Reach New Levels of SoC Integration with 40-nm FPGAs (20 minutes)
  • Minimize SSN and Jitter Using Advanced Transceiver Technology (30 minutes)
  • Manage Performance and Power Using 40-nm FPGAs (30 minutes)
  • Building High-Speed FPGA Memory Interfaces (15 minutes)
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