Friday, November 21, 2008

Chris Wragge: Getting a jump on Thanksgiving!

Nov. 21, 2008
Hi, everyone!
Coming up tomorrow on The Early Show Saturday Edition:
With unemployment skyrocketing, we have some surefire pointers on interviewing for that new job -- what to wear, what to say, what not to wear, what not to say!  It's a nerve-racking process, and we'll give you some great takeaway tips.
With Thanksgiving week on the horizon, we're all about helping you get through the first big holiday of the season.
For instance: What should you talk about at the dinner table?  The economy? The electionSarah Palin? All are hot-button issues, and there will certainly be some people at the gathering who don't share your views. We'll address tactful ways to be part of the conversation, without offending anyonePut it this way: 
"So, how much money do you have left?" isn't a good way to start off the meal. Puts the whole table in a bad mood!
And when you're at the table, do you wonder just how many thousands of calories you're about to down? You might be surprised when we tell you just how many or how few calories are in that vat of mashed potatoes or bucket of gravy. 
The biggest draw of all this weekend? Our Early Show Saturday pre-Thanksgiving feast! Ray Isle, of Food & Wine magazine, will talk about the best inexpensive wines, white and red, for the meal. And Jon Bonnell, of Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine in Fort Worth, will be on hand to add some Texas flair to our meal. The whole Early Show Saturday family will sit down to enjoy the best Turkey Day spread on national television!
Also, some great holiday travel getaways, Nikka Costa in our "Second Cup Cafe," and our "Saturday Bargainista" will return. My partner, Erica Hill, Ms. Smart Shopper, is paving the way to affordable shopping with our very own Vera Gibbons!
It's all right here on The Early Show Saturday Edition. Be there!
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