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November 21, 2008

Today on "World News with Charles Gibson":

The Economy:
It's been a week of massive declines on Wall Street. Citigroup's stock plunged 50 percent in the last two days to below $5 a share, raising concerns about the financial giant's future. What is the state of the nation's financial infrastructure, and is a bigger bailout needed to stem the bleeding? ABC's Betsy Stark has more on the economy tonight.

Person of the Week:
More than 30,000 wild horses roam free in 10 western states, but the Bureau of Land Management occasionally needs to thin the herds so the horses and other animals on the land have enough to eat. Some of those wild horses could have been euthanized, had Madeleine Pickens not stepped in. The animal lover, philanthropist and wife of billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens is creating a million-acre sanctuary for the wild horses, and she is our 'Person of the Week.'

And on our "World News webcast", along with our top headlines":

Punk/Rock Auction:
Bob Marley's guitar, Elvis's ring, John Lennon's organ -- those are just some of the pieces of music history that could be yours. Christie's auction house recognizes the value of pop culture, and is hosting a Punk/Rock auction with memorabilia from many of the most famous musicians from the past 40 years. But you better have some considerable cash -- even the low end pieces start in the thousands of dollars. ABC's Gigi Stone takes a look at what's on the auction block.

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