Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya/Civil War: Republic of Angola Govt against military solution to Libyan crisis

Luanda - Angola's Foreign Affairs Minister, Georges Chikoti, said on Tuesday in Luanda that the Angolan Government defends dialogue for the resolution of the Libyan deadlock instead of a military intervention.

Angolan Foreign Affairs minister, Georges Chikoti
Angolan Foreign Affairs minister,
Georges Chikoti

Speaking to the press about the current international matters, the minister said that any military intervention may contribute to the worsening of the problem..

According to him, this military intervention method may not be considered as a standard to solve problems in Africa.

In addition, the official recalled that the situation started with demonstrations, which were repressed violently by Libyan authorities, a situation that must be slammed by the international community.

He said that with the emergence of armed rebels the country dived in a kind of civil war.

However, the minister defended that it would be better that the Libyan problem should be resolved through peaceful ways with the participation of all different national sides.

George Chikoti thinks that the international community should be more patient to better understand the problems and thus take peaceful measures.

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