Friday, November 21, 2008

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Hi everyone. I hope you had a great week.


President-elect Obama has said fixing the economy will be his top priority when he takes office in less than two months. Widespread reports say the next administration is forming its economic team – and that Mr. Obama has decided on the most key position, Treasury secretary. Stocks surged in reaction to the rumored pick, New York Federal Reserve President Timothy Geithner. Our Chip Reid has the full story. And for some analysis, I'll talk with Anthony Mason and Bob Schieffer about the economic and political implications of this pick.


Another of Mr. Obama's priorities when he takes office is shifting the military’s focus from Iraq to Afghanistan. This week, our Harry Smith is with the men and women who provide crucial air back-up for soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan, and he'll report tonight for us from the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt.


Newton, Iowa, used to be a thriving Maytag-manufacturing town. But when the plant closed, a desperate economic slump followed … until it discovered alternative energy, and started turning things around. Dean Reynolds has the story of one city's wind-power windfall.


Today's kids seem to have been born with an iPod in their ear and a computer mouse in their hand. But is something missing from their lives? Our science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg examines whether being savvy online can make kids clueless about face-to-face communications. Parents, you won't want to miss seeing your kid's brain … on Google.


And for our final story, Steve Hartman heads to the hardwood to meet a college basketball player who’s a freshman … and a senior. Sounds confusing, but you’ll understand when you see him play the game he’d been dreaming about for 52 years.


See you tonight, and have a great weekend!


Katie Couric


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