Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Us/Elections - World watches as Barack Obama bids to make history - Obama's grandmother dies of cancer at 86 - Polls Show Obama With Clear Advantage Washington Post

At an Obama rally in Jacksonville, Fla., Lindsay Daniels of St. Marys, Ga., and Reggie Taylor of Jacksonville form an "O."

"She was the cornerstone of our family, and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment, strength, and humility," ... "She was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances"

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ABC News
Obama, McCain Make Last Effort at Swaying Voters (Update3)
Bloomberg - 51 minutes ago
4 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama and John McCain will still be campaigning even as Election Day dawns and voters are going to the polls. ...
Canadian pollster says Obama appears destined for win in US election The Canadian Press
Polls Show Obama With Clear Advantage Washington Post
Obama carries lead over McCain into election day International Herald Tribune
Jamaica Gleaner - MarketWatch
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Vancouver Sun
Obama's send-off to the White House?
Toronto Star,  Canada - 43 minutes ago
An improbable journey that began on a frigid day in Springfield, Ill., 21 months ago ended for Barack Obama at a Virginia fairground here late last night ...
Obama and McCain face judgment of voters Reuters
Barack Obama has lined up his Cabinet to avoid a power vacuum Times Online
Obama 'shares' trade red hot on election eve AFP
Goal.com - Scotsman
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Times Online
Obama's grandmother remembered as calm, assured
The Associated Press - 57 minutes ago
HONOLULU (AP) — Barack Obama told millions watching him accept the Democratic nomination in Denver that his grandmother's influence on who he is and the way ...
Amid grief for his grandmother, Obama presses on Chicago Sun-Times
Obama's grandmother dies of cancer at 86 Boston Globe
Obama's grandmother dies Seattle Times
Los Angeles Times - Detroit Free Press
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Times Online
The Obama Generation
Sify, India - 2 hours ago
My sense is that McCain believes that a Barack Obama presidency would represent a very dangerous moment for America in the world, and that he sees it as his ...
World watches as Barack Obama bids to make history WalesOnline
US elections: Danger lurks in Barack Obama's comfort zone Telegraph.co.uk
Ad Roundup: John McCain and Barack Obama Make Their Final ... U.S. News & World Report
Independent - Kansas City Star
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BBC News
President Obama?
Jamaica Observer, Jamaica - 2 hours ago
BY DR PATRICK WILMOT MOST polls show US presidential candidate Barack Obama ahead of his rival John McCain with substantial margins, but the election result ...
McCain, Obama aren't slowing down Dallas Morning News
Africa can expect a great deal from President Obama The Times
FOX News Poll: Obama Leads Going Into Election Day FOXNews
Los Angeles Times - Boston Globe
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ABC News
Obama tax plan would likely help Ohioan
USA Today - 5 hours ago
As details emerged Thursday about the man Republican John McCain said would pay higher taxes under Obama's plan, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, 34, ...
As Obama, McCain battle - Joe the Plumber plans next move Christian Science Monitor
Obama's agenda: Reality vs. rhetoric The Union Leader
New Yorkers on Obama's shrinking "Main Street America" lead World Magazine
Los Angeles Times - ABC News
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Boston Globe
Arizona's Hispanic voters look to Obama
Toronto Star,  Canada - 43 minutes ago
The voter mobilization group he works for, he said, never advocates support for either Barack Obama or John McCain. It is mentioned to him that there is an ...
Something's gone wrong when Arizona is a tight race Globe and Mail
Will Ariz. get senator but lose its governor? Arizona Republic
Why Arizona Is Not a Lock for McCain TIME
Independent - San Diego Union Tribune
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Fresh News
Will Obama script history today?
Press Trust of India, India - 22 minutes ago
Washington, Nov 4 (PTI) After an epic campaign, Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama and his Republican rival John McCain are all set to slug it out ...
All Barack Obama Statements Come With an Expiration Date. All Of Them. National Review Online
Obama set for 'defining moment' NDTV.com
Today, the people of the United States elect the 44th president of ... The Citizen Daily
guardian.co.uk - New York Times
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BBC News
BHA takes heat for housing Obama's aunt
Boston Globe, United States - 2 hours ago
By Maria Sacchetti Reports that Senator Barack Obama's aunt is an illegal immigrant living in Boston public housing sparked outrage yesterday at a time when ...
Clarification: Obama's aunt story The Associated Press
Obama aunt deportation? The Times
Obama's Aunt Zeituni: Symbol of Everything Wrong with the ... AlterNet
NDTV.com - The Age
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As Chicago watches Obama, the world looks on
Toronto Star,  Canada - 43 minutes ago
It is this place where Barack Obama has chosen to face the world for the first time as president-elect of the United States, 21 months after announcing his ...
Chicago police get set for Barack Obama rally and global spotlight Chicago Tribune
Chicago Prepares for Massive Obama Victory Celebration FOXNews
Chicago's Grant Park to host Barack Obama on election night Melbourne Herald Sun
Chicago Sun-Times - Sky News
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