Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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November 4, 2008 | Evening Edition
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Obama, McCain Keep Busy On Election Day
Candidates Continue Campaigning As Voters Head To Polls For Historic Presidential Race

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Kids Of Deployed Parents More Aggressive
Study: Preschoolers With Parent Away At War More Likely To Show Aggressive Behavior Than Other Military Families' Kids

 Study: Brain Speed Peaks At Age 40
 Army Faces New Battle With Health Care
 Study Links Sex On TV To Teen Pregnancy

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Hudson's Slain Relatives Remembered
Private Ceremony For Friends & Family Held After A Public Memorial, Jennifer Did Not Attend

 Buzz Briefs: Brooke Burke, Jane Fonda
 Campaign Comedy
 Peruvian-Born Singer Yma Sumac Dies At 86

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Fox News Gets Angry As Election Nears
New Republic: Watch 24 Hours Of Fox News Today And You Get A Prelude To Its Next Four Years

 We Know The Real Barack Obama
 Poll: McCain Gains, But Obama Well Ahead
 Now's Your Chance: Vote

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Early Battleground Report (4:05)

Voter Problems Rolling In (0:52)

Poll Positions From The Web (3:22)

Palin Votes, Talks Troopergate (2:47)

Sen. John McCain Votes (1:15)

Sen. Barack Obama Votes (1:34)
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In Royal Circles

Celebrity Circuit

Photos Of The Day

Triple The Tears

The Master of Suspense

Week in Sports: Oct. 31-Nov. 6
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Are You Ready For … Some Football?
Candidates Make Election Eve Appearance On Monday Night Football Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Finish Line
Some Numbers And Thoughts To Take Away From This Campaign Season Read More
Palin Casts Historic Vote: "Forever, I'm Gonna Be Sarah From Alaska"
Election Day Read More
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1. Ten Questions For Election Day
2. Presidential Race Revs Up Voter Turnout
3. Voting Problems Roundup: Election Morning
4. Poll: McCain Gains, But Obama Well Ahead
5. McCain: "Good Scenario Where We Can Win"
1. Early Battleground Report (4:05)
2. Sen. Barack Obama Votes (1:34)
3. Who Will Win '08 Election? (3:08)
4. Brain Power (12:22)
5. Voter Problems Rolling In (0:52)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Campaign Star Power
3. In Royal Circles
4. A Family Photo Album
5. The Great Wait

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