Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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November 5, 2008 | Morning Edition
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Barack Obama Wins Presidency
John McCain Concedes As Democrat Earns Historic Victory; "A New Dawn Of American Leadership Is At Hand," Says President Elect

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Why Obama Won
Faltering Economy And Voter Antipathy To Bush Propelled Illinois Democrat's Historic Victory

 What Obama's Win Means
 A Mandate For Change
 2008 Election Night Live Blog
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Kids Of Deployed Parents More Aggressive
Study: Preschoolers With Parent Away At War More Likely To Show Aggressive Behavior Than Other Military Families' Kids

 Study: Brain Speed Peaks At Age 40
 Army Faces New Battle With Health Care
 Study Links Sex On TV To Teen Pregnancy

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Stars Proudly Cast Their Votes
Diddy, Pete Wentz, Taylor Swift Among The Celebs Who Wait In Long Lines To Cast Their Vote

 Actor Tim Robbins' Voting Woes To Debut New Video After Vote
 Hollywood's Holiday Boxoffice Highlights

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Fox News Gets Angry As Election Nears
New Republic: Watch 24 Hours Of Fox News Today And You Get A Prelude To Its Next Four Years

 We Know The Real Barack Obama
 Poll: McCain Gains, But Obama Well Ahead
 Now's Your Chance: Vote

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Obama's Victory Speech (16:44)

History Has Been Made (1:33)

McCain Admits Defeat (10:14)

Obama On 106-Year-Old Voter (3:32)

World Response To Obama Win (4:40)

A New Chapter (1:33)
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Accepting The Mantle

Celebrity Circuit

In Royal Circles

Photos Of The Day

America Votes

Triple The Tears
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Are You Ready For … Some Football?
Candidates Make Election Eve Appearance On Monday Night Football Read More
History Is Made.
Barack Obama Will Be The 44th President Of The United States Read More
Obama: Extremely Gifted And Also Very Lucky
Election night Read More
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1. Barack Obama Wins Presidency
3. Couric's Election Webcast
4. Dems Bolster Senate Control By 5 Seats
5. 2008 Election Night Live Blog
1. Obama's Victory Speech (16:44)
2. McCain Admits Defeat (10:14)
3. Breaking: Obama Wins Election (3:06)
4. History Has Been Made (1:33)
5. A New Chapter (1:33)
1. A Family Photo Album
2. Celebrity Circuit
3. Accepting The Mantle
4. In Royal Circles
5. America Votes

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