Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it the biggest turn out ever? Find out tonight on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric


”I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

The "O" when used as a prefix in Irish surnames means "descendant of.”


Here’s an early look at what we are working on for tonight’s broadcast of The CBS Evening News from Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric:

Hello, everyone, on this historic Election Day. Today, American voters will elect either the first African-American President, or the first female Vice President. We're working hard to cover your voting today, the last-minute campaigning … and, of course, tonight's results.

The candidates are still working the crowds, in one final push for votes after nearly two years of campaigning. Chip Reid and Dean Reynolds have been following the two campaigns for months - and they'll have the very latest for us tonight.

By this evening, we'll have a select amount of exit polling data - and Anthony Mason will be at Election Headquarters in New York to discuss the major issues that were on the voters’ minds this election.

Meanwhile, volunteers are working the phones in massive get-out-the-vote efforts, which could lead to the biggest turnout ever. Nancy Cordes is covering that part of the story. And of course, CBS' own political gurus Bob Schieffer and Jeff Greenfield will join me on the set for Election Night analysis.

Finally tonight, we'll take a long look back at the Campaign That Was. All of the memorable highlights - and a few remarkable stumbles - from the past two years on the trail.

And I hope you'll stay with us tonight, because after our regular Evening News broadcast on the east coast, I'll be anchoring our special Election Night coverage. We'll be live from 7 pm ET and 2 am ET to give you up-to-the minute results from the CBS News Polling Unit. And keep the coffee handy - we'll be following our coverage with a special 2 a.m. Webcast that you can watch on CBSNews.com Click Here or at our partner in digital coverage, CNET.com. Also, don't forget to submit any election night questions Click Here - I'll read a couple on air, and our political team will have the answers.

See you tonight … and don't forget to vote!


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And here's an early look at one of the stories we are working on for Wednesday’s broadcast:
That's Wednesday night, only on the THE CBS EVENING NEWS. The most complete analysis and coverage about the Presidential race. It will be jam packed broadcast, don’t miss it. That’s Wednesday night on The CBS EVENING NEWS

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Join Dave tonight with Actor Josh Brolin, and Comedian Amy Sedaris… Plus musical guests Blues Traveler!


Julie Chen, Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith will anchor the EARLY SHOW from New York. Russ Mitchell anchors from Atlanta, GA. Dave Price will bring us the weather.

Along with the top stories, we are currently working on the following segments:

WORLD REACTS TO ELECTION OUTCOME - How are Americans reacting to the winner of the presidential reaction? We’ll speak to voters around the country about the outcome, and we’ll also get a sense at how the rest of the world is responding. We’ll take a look at foreign markets to see if they have increased, also we’ll have live from Asia and London to speak to citizens abroad. We will also have a phoner live from Kenya. Sheila Macvicar reports.

COUNTRY FIRSTS - After all of the election madness dies down, and a new president sets in, we may not have realized it but this election was full of firsts for our country. It will be the first time an African American has run for president, and also the first time a woman has run for vice president. We’ll take a look at how history has changed over the years, and what this could mean for the future of our country.

VOTER TURNOUT - How many voters came out on November 4? We’ll have a state-by-state breakdown of the record number of voters this year, and tell you how it compared to years past.

WHAT OUR NEXT PRESIDENT INHERITS - What does our next president inherit as he takes office? We’ll look at the material things that will be passed down, as well as the duties that are in store for him come January.

EXIT POLLS - TV networks and news agencies were burned badly in 2000 when many called Florida for Al Gore, and got it wrong. This time around, they will be more cautious, especially when it comes to Florida and the use of exit polls, which have proved to be far from foolproof. Exit polling is a very valuable tool for understanding what people were thinking about as they voted, but they cannot accurately predict a winner. We’ll discuss how exit polls were used this year and if they were correct in calling a winner.

If you would like more information on any of these stories or the broadcast, please click on the following address and e-mail us: earlyshow@cbs.com

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