Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VOA Africa News Summary - News from Voice of America

Here are today's top stories from VOA Africa.

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Indian Naval Ship Tabar Indian  Navy Destroys Pirate Ship in Gulf of Aden  Audio Clip Available
Officials say stealth frigate destroyed  heavily armed pirate mother ship with two speed boats in tow, about 528 kilometers southwest of Oman coast

Pirates leave the Ukrainian merchant vessel MV Faina for Somalia's shore  under observation by a US Navy ship, 08 Oct 2008 Naval Vessels Unable to Give Complete Protection from Somali Pirates  Audio Clip Available
Correspondent for Fairplay Magazine says too much water, too few vessels

Mourners cry near the bodies of two women allegedly killed 29 OCT. by Congolese soldiers after looting their house in the Katindo neighborhood of Goma, 30 Oct. 2008 Women Hold Protest in Eastern DRC Displacement Camp  Audio Clip Available
Protesters want international community to push peace efforts

190_liberia_map2 A Former Liberian Warring Faction Leader Sues A U.S. Group for Defamation  Audio Clip Available
George Boley says the rights group compared him to Charles Taylor's son and accused him of human rights violation during Liberia's civil war

A fighter jet type Mikojan MIG-29M OVT of the Russian Aircraft Corporation overflies the area of the International Aerospace Exhibition Show in Berlin-Schoenefeld, 13 May 2006 Rights Advocates Tell Russia to Halt Warplane Sales to Sudan  Audio Clip Available
MiG-29 fighter jets said to violate UN embargo on weapons Khartoum allegedly deploys in Darfur conflict

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