Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Q4 Issue: Download Nios II Embedded Design Suite & Quartus II Software v8.1

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  Q4 2008  

Quarterly Spotlight
Download Nios II Embedded Design Suite & Quartus II Software v8.1
Get the latest versions of the Nios® II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) and Quartus® II software v8.1 today to accelerate your design process. The Nios II EDS provides all the tools, utilities, libraries, and drivers for developing embedded software for the Nios II processor. The newest version of Quartus II software delivers enhanced physical synthesis for faster timing closure and new verification features for faster board bring-up and enhanced data sampling. The web edition requires no license. Download the latest versions today!

  Introducing Nios II v8.1 and Quartus II v8.1

Embedded Software & Tools

Limited-Time Offer: Purchase Quartus II Software and Get Nios II Processor Free
Purchase Quartus II Subscription Edition software for $2,495 and receive the industry's #1 soft processor at no charge. This package provides a full license for 12 intellectual property (IP) functions including Nios II, NCO, FIR, QDR II, and DDR1/2/3 memory. Take advantage of this limited-time offer today!  

Get a Head Start on Your Design With Altera's Embedded Processor Portfolio
Altera's embedded portfolio offers the broadest selection of soft processor cores in the industry, from the Nios II processor, the FPGA industry's #1 soft processor, to popular architectures from ARM® and Freescale. Learn more about how these processor cores work seamlessly with the SOPC Builder design tool to give you a head start on your next design.

Download Best-in-Class Debugger from Lauterbach Trace32
Get best-in-class debugging for your Nios II design from Lauterbach. Their Trace32-ICD software enables on-chip break points, logic level views of internal and external peripherals, and multiprocessor debugging. Download a free evaluation. 

Looking to Add an SD Controller to Your Design?
SLS Corp. has a new SD host controller core that operates in both 4-bit and 1-bit mode for data communication. The core is fully SOPC Builder-ready and comes with all the necessary drivers. Download and evaluate this core from SLS today.

Literature & Technical Resources

Nios II Command-Line Tools (PDF)
Download this chapter of the Embedded Design Handbook to learn about the Nios II command-line tools that are provided with the Nios II Embedded Design Suite. The chapter describes both the Altera® and the GNU tools.

"FPGA-based diagnostic equipment for use in rural communities"
Learn how FPGAs and soft-core embedded processors can be used to create an electronic patient diagnostic system that predicts a patient's future physiological state—a potentially vital tool in rural communities where medical care is scarce.

Webcasts & Training

Learn How to Use SOPC Builder for ARM Cortex-M1 Development

Learn to build a complete SOC with an ARM Cortex-M1 and SOPC peripherals in this new training course from Arrow Electronics. The session covers Cortex-M1 architecture and tutorials, and how to build a system from scratch.

Recommended Curriculum for Designers
Altera suggests a series of training classes to enhance proficiency for each of the following design professionals:

Altera also offers instructor-led training in locations around the US:

From the Community

Nios Wiki: Nios II UDP Offload Example
Achieve gigabit Ethernet throughput for UDP packets using a UDP offload engine for Nios II-based processor systems. This example demonstrates a method of offloading UDP packet traffic from a Nios II system so that it can be processed in hardware rather than in software. Download the example today.


Download New Embedded Design Guide Handbook

Download a Free Nios II Evaluation

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