Monday, November 17, 2008

VOA Africa News Summary - News from Voice of America

Here are today's top stories from VOA Africa.

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Rupiah Banda is pictured as he is sworn in as Zambia's fourth president in Lusaka, 02 Nov 2008 Zambian Minister Defends President Banda's New Cabinet  Audio Clip Available
Information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha says the new cabinet is balanced and should defeat poverty in Zambia and address the world wide economic recession that is affect Africa and Zambia

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, 06 Nov 2008 Bush Thanks Gadhafi For Payment To Victims Fund
Libya's paying of $1.5 billion in reparations clears final obstacle to normalization of diplomatic relations with US

People stand outside their home in a poor neighborhood of Nouakchott, Mauritania, 2006 file photo Struggle Against Mauritanian Slavery Continues Despite Abolition Laws
UN estimates up to half a million Mauritanians may be living in slavery today but activists say anti-slavery laws not enforced

Sudan Sudan Police Arrest at Least 60 Journalists
Journalists were attempting to protest media censorship in front of parliament

Nigeria Nigerian Military Panel Investigates Woman's Assault by Naval Soldiers
Four-man military panel investigating assault earlier this month by navy men on Uzoma Okere for allegedly failing to make way for their boss in traffic

Undated picture of 'Sirius Star' tanker conducting trial run in South Korea Pirates Hijack Saudi Tanker off Kenyan Coast
Spokesman for US Navy's Fifth Fleet says pirates seized control of tanker Sirius Star on Saturday

UN envoy, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, left and CNDP rebel leader Laurent Nkunda speak to reporters in Jomba, 16 Nov 2008 Eastern Congolese Rebels Said to Make New Gains  Audio Clip Available
UN says fighting broke out in Riwindi despite pledge to observe ceasefire

Children plead with aid workers to get coupons for high energy biscuits at a displaced people's camp in Kibati, in eastern Congo, 4 Nov. 2008 U.N. Reports  Fresh Fighting  In Goma
U.N.H.C.R  spokesman David Ntengwe says agency struggling to feed thousands of displaced civilians

A UN envoy appeals for unity among Somali leaders  Audio Clip Available
A UN envoy appeals for unity among Somali leaders

African bio-farming, gardening Donors and Aid Agency Projects Urged to Include the Needs of Women Farmers  Audio Clip Available
Catherine Bertini, the former head of the World Food Program, says food production is not likely to improve without the participation of women food producers

Africa Countries Encouraged to Create and Manage Development Projects  Audio Clip Available
Africa Countries Encouraged to Create and Manage Development Projects

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