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New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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More Albums On The Way from Girls Aloud

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 08:49 AM CST

New record deal imminent for the UK’s most popular girl group.

After their victory in TV Reality show Popstars: The Rivals (can you remember that far back?), Girls Aloud picked up a very nice contract with record label Fascination. Now, some five albums later, the deal has run out. And arguably the girl band of Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah, Nicola and Kimberly are in a far better negotiating position for their second contract.

All the right noises have been made around the resigning, keeping the team together, being comfortable in the creative environment, but it shouldn’t take much to imagine a massive game of bluff and guile to maximise the income for the fivesome - They are, after all, one of the few sure-fire ways of printing money in the musical business over the next year.

As to their rivals, One True Voice? A number 2 and a number 10 single, no album, and disbanded after six months. The individual members of OTV can now be found on MySpace.

Hat tip, Digital Spy.

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BREAKING: John Sergeant Quits Strictly Come Dancing

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 06:07 AM CST

John Sergeant dancing on Strictly

64-year-old John Sergeant has decided to quit Strictly.

In a statement, he said: “The trouble is that there is now a real danger that I might win the competition. Even for me that would be a joke too far.”

BBC One controller Jay Hunt said: “We are very sad to see him go.”

Sergeant, pictured above dancing with Russian dancer Kristina Rihanoff said: “I am sorry to say I have decided to leave Strictly Come Dancing.

“It was always my intention to have fun on the show and I was hoping to stay in as long as possible.”

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Brundle Confirms Formula 1 Role at BBC

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 03:18 AM CST

Fan favourite will be in the BBC team for the Formula 1 2009 season.

Long regarded as one of the highlights of the ITV-F1 team, Martin Brundle has confirmed that he will be part of the BBC team covering Formula 1 Grand Prix racing next year as coverage returns to the commercial free broadcaster. Originally paired with Murray Walker, the ex Benneton and Jordan driver is one of two elements that fans really want the BBC to use.

There’s no report on what exactly he’ll be doing - it’s not guaranteed that he’ll be in the commentary box. The BBC may decide to use him as the anchor and leave the respected Radio 5 Live team to call the races. What’s also unclear is his salary, but the former World Sportscar Champion will be well aware of the Million pound plus deals that the likes of Alan Hansen receive for their roles in the football coverage.

And the second element the fans are waiting to here about? Whether the BBC will use the classic theme tune “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac.

Hat tip to Planet F1.

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What’s wrong with Theo Walcott?

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 12:00 AM CST

Pace? Check. Unlimited potential? Check. Weak shoulders? Err…check. Of all the reasons that could derail England’s most promising youngster - fame, money, those dastardly foreign players - it appears to be young Theo’s Achille’s shoulders that could stop him from reaching his potential.

Having already undergone one surgery on his left shoulder, as well as going off against Stoke after jarring it again, he’s now gone and dislocated his right shoulder in England training and will be out for a while.

Bit weird, and also a bit worrying considering that the arms tend to be the things that are meant to protect you when you fall - especially for pacey players like Walcott. Hopefully it’s just one of those growing pains and nothing a few surgeries won’t fix.

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Maradona riles up the masses

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 12:00 AM CST

Oh Diego, will your love-hate relationship with England ever end? The Unstable One, and inexplicably current Argentina boss, has come out to stoke the fires of bitterness ahead of his clash with Scotland.

Diego said,

England won a World Cup with a goal that never crossed the line.

So it's not fair that anyone should judge me when stuff like that went on.

Expect a standing ovation from the Scottish contingent at kickoff, then.

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7 Most Annoying One Hit Wonders

Posted: 18 Nov 2008 11:30 PM CST

With the news that Top of the Pops is set for a comeback on the BBC, we take a look at the most annoying one-hit wonders ever to grace the UK charts.

“Macarena” by Los Del Rio

The "Macarena" craze swept through the nation and filled Fathers up and down the countrywith the misguided notion that somehow dancing to this tripe at your cousins wedding was acceptable. It isn't. Ever.

“Informer” by Snow

This little ditty inspired people the length and bredth of the UK to ask, "Huh…-what's he saying?" Despite being the fastest rapper alive we still managed to make out some of what he was saying - and it was garbage.

“Babycakes” by 3 Of A Kind

Even the usually redeeming feature of scantily clad women in the video failed to save this song. Makes you want to tear your ears off and repeatedly stamp on them just in case they are still working.

“Birdie Song (The Birdie Dance)” by The Tweets

It takes a special song to make you think that death would be preferable to ever having to listen to it again, but the Birdie Song somehow manages it.

“Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus

People across the country decided to take up line dancing after the release of Achy Breaky Heart before giving it up again a few weeks later as they realised they weren't actually in good 'ol Texas, but were in a community centre in Scunthorpe.

“Shaddap You Face” by Joe Dolce Music Theatre

The song asked "…why you look-a so sad?". Hmm, maybe we all look so sad because your novelty pop and lazy national stereotyping didn't exactly put us in the cheeriest of moods today.

“Just Say No” by Grange Hill Cast

If you like to listen to a bunch of fictional school kids tell you how bad drugs are then this is the song for you.

Have we left out any other shocking one hit wonders? Leave your suggestions below.

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Sacha Baron-Cohen Disrupts US Show

Posted: 18 Nov 2008 11:25 PM CST

Sacha Baron-Cohen whose characters include Ali G and Borat invaded the set of US show Medium as his fashion reporter creation Bruno.

Filming had to stop after after Baron-Cohen interrupted during a tense scene. He was later forcibly ejected.

A source who works on the show told, “No one had a clue it was Sacha playing Bruno. It’s amazing he was able to infiltrate the set and pull this off.”

It's not the first time his creations have gotten him to trouble either. Earlier in the year he hijacked Milan fashion week and again, had to be removed by security. You can watch the clip below to see him in action.

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A winning winter warmer

Posted: 18 Nov 2008 02:44 PM CST

After bragging about my profitable betting record on here yesterday, the gambling gods overheard and punished me with three unplaced wagers at Fakenham.


With such a shakey start to the week, I'll be looking to peg back loses on Wednesday courtesy of just the one selection – Sarah's Art (8.20) at Kempton.

This five-year-old advertised his claims at the same racecourse last month when bouncing back to form on his second outing following a long absence. After a slow start that day, the line came just too soon as he finished powerfully over five furlongs, and that race has worked out very well with three subsequent winners emerging since.

A previous winner over today's distance over two furlongs further, he can gain compensation today from a very favourable weight.

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