Monday, November 17, 2008

Business: Court rules for coastal marina developer

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Crescent Moon in Decatur.

No winners in aborted home sale
Decatur tests pay-by-cellphone parking system
During a three-month test that launched last week, Decatur officials want to see if the system is easier on visitors, businesses and parking monitors. The pay-by-cell phone meter parking is being tested at lots on East Court Square and North McDonough Street.

UPS skips peak projection
Weak October retail sales and the uncertainty of the upcoming holiday season amid the worst financial crisis to hit the U.S. in decades has prompted the Sandy Springs-based shipping giant to decide not to release a projection for the amount of packages it expects to deliver on its busiest day of the year.

Court rules for developer on coastal marina
In an opinion issued today, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled 5 to 2 in favor of a developer who has proposed building the largest marina complex on the Georgia coast near the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Both sides lose in aborted home sale
Like all illegal immigrants, Lorenzo Jimenez, 42, knew the knock on the door from immigration agents could come at any time. Still, he had enough faith in the American dream to buy a house, even though signing the papers meant raising the risk. Now Jimenez is fighting to keep from being deported. He also lost his job.

Private Quarters / Splurge
Photos: 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Lisa Hartwell and NFL player husband Ed open up their Duluth home.

Outsourcing by airlines could tighten
With the incoming Obama administration and a more Democratic Congress preparing a new aviation agenda, efforts to slow the outsourcing trend may intensify. At the least, Congress likely will order the FAA to more closely track how and where maintenance is done on U.S.-owned aircraft.

Stocks fall lower in early trading
The selling on Wall Street continued today as investors digested more signs of economic weakness, including a huge round of layoffs in the financial sector. And after a turbulent week that sent the Dow Jones industrials down nearly 340 points, investors found little solace in the latest news.
Forecasters: Road to recovery to be long, tough | Citigroup plans asset sales and job cuts

Congress girds for fight over auto-aid plan
With Congress returning today to deal with an auto industry in dire financial straits, the Bush White House stressed that it supports help, but not at the expense of the $700 billion Wall Street rescue program.
Just say no: Thomas Oliver | GM to sell stake in Suzuki to raise cash
If Detroit Falls, foreign makers could be buffer | Your Money: How to save

Murdoch upbeat about the future of newspapers
Newspaper companies in the United States and elsewhere are facing fundamental changes to their businesses as more people get their news from the Internet and other sources, and advertisers follow the market away from the paper-and-ink format.
With Obama, Murdoch defies his image | Newspapers jettisoning top talent to cut costs

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