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November 17, 2008

Today on "World News with Charles Gibson":

California Wildfires:
Wildfires that burned through 35,000 acres are finally dying down and firefighters are slowly gaining control over the remaining three major blazes. The fires have destroyed more than 800 homes and condos since Thursday night. ABC's Lisa Fletcher and Brian Rooney have the latest tonight.

"WatchDOG Dads":
What started 10 years ago with two dads spending time in their children's school has blossomed into an 800-school program in 30 states. From urban to rural areas, public to private schools, the fathers take a day off from work and spend it at school. Educators say the organization has made a real difference ? and not just in the lives of the children, but in the lives of their dads, as well. ABC's Erin Hayes reports for the first story in our series "Spirit of America."

And on our "World News webcast", along with our top headlines":

A New Kind of Bank:
The Sangini Women's Co-operative Society Bank is not your ordinary bank. Started by a local nonprofit, the bank, located in Mumbai, helps sex workers open accounts and begin to save money. There are more than 50,000 prostitutes in Mumbai, most of whom are wary about government institutions like banks. But, with the help of community leaders, the Sangini Women's Co-operative Society is helping to change that. ABC's Karen Russo reports.

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